The Ancient Traditions Promotion!

Asterius, the Chronicler God, urges all immortals to hold cultural events across the remote provinces of Aelion. This is an important mission that will see your adepts holding exhibitions and functions dedicated to the legacy of Aeli's era.

Starting today, from May 11th at 12pm PDT to May 25th at 12pm PDT, the Ancient Traditions Promotion comes to Aelion – Immortals can assist by dedicating their resources to preserving the old ways.

Skyforge Ancient Traditions 1

Any Immortal that has reached 2,050 Prestige can take part in this promotion. Participation will no longer require a specific Adept for each task – all you need is an Event Plan. These can be obtained in Adventures (no more than 135) or purchased in the Market from the Events section. You can participate in the promotion via a special interface (9 key).

For their willingness to teach & maintain Aeli’s traditions, immortals will be rewarded with marvels of Aelion’s technological advancement and traditions – the Trillia Air Transport & Formal Toga respectively! But that’s not all you can receive for your good deeds:

  • Energy Modules
  • Holy Texts
  • Research Grants
  • Stimulants
  • Victor’s Medals
  • Spark Replicators
  • And more!

Skyforge Ancient Traditions 2

If your adepts happen to go above and beyond to impress Asterius with their organization skills, you may receive one of the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Event Plans
  • 500 Progress Points on the Guaranteed Reward scale

Alongside the Ancient Traditions promotion, we’re introducing a brand new item to the Market – the Aeli’s Legacy Part I and II which will provide characters with a new Symbol of the same name. This symbol increases the effect of the two most developed stats for your current class (among Strength, Luck, Valor, and Spirit) by 5% for each rank while reducing the less developed stats by the same amount. Additionally, the symbol increases the character’s Stamina by 5% per each rank.

For additional information, feel free to check out our Ancient Traditions Guide!
This promotion ends on May 25th at 12pm PDT. Good luck!