Anniversary: Arm Yourself with Three Legendary Weapons!

Revisit old classes or discover new favourites by equipping a trio of Legendary Weapons, available with Skyforge’s Fifth Anniversary expansion! Arm your Necromancer, Gunner, and Slayer classes with an exclusive golden weapon, each one bundled with a class unlock, plus a selection of other goodies. Their luxuriously decadent finish is worthy of Aelion’s current celebrations, so try not to get them dirty while you’re out there kicking ass…

Three new Legendary Weapon Packs are now available from the in-game store:

Hand of Destiny A Sound of Thunder Grim Ritual

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• Aika and Lakhesis, Veil of Fate (exclusive swords for the Slayer class)

• Slayer Class Unlock

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 2,000 Victor’s Medals
• Nemesis, Triumph of Steel (exclusive hand cannon for the Gunner class)

• Gunner Class Unlock

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies
• Morana, Harvest Ritual (exclusive scythe for the Necromancer class)

• Necromancer Class Unlock

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 1,500,000 Credits

Eidos Replicators, included in each of the new Legendary Weapon packs, can be used to double the amount of Eidoi you earn through Invasions. Eidoi can be used to unlock new nodes on the Invasion Atlas, granting new perks and bonuses. Stimulants can be used to speed up a specific task, or to skip events entirely. They can also be used to replenish the number of available rituals in the Cathedral, and the available research in the Tower of Knowledge.

IMPORTANT: If you already own one of the classes that can be unlocked with the new Legendary Weapon Packs, you will not receive any compensation.

Legendary Weapon Abilities
  • Aika and Lakhesis, Veil of Fate (Slayer): Slay them all. The Smoke Grenade can create a larger smoke screen, while dealing 13 damage to all enemies trapped by its hazy affliction. While the Slayer is in the area of effect, their critical attacks will deal 200% more damage, with the bonus being increased if they are in a cloaking state.
  • Nemesis, Triumph of Steel (Gunner): Shoot to thrill. After switching weapons, the Gunner gains a 40% bonus to their Critical Chance for 5 seconds. While the bonus is active, you cannot switch to another weapon.
  • Morana, Harvest Ritual (Necromancer): The duration and cooldown of Cursed Land is 8 seconds. Cursed Land accumulates damage dealt by its creator to enemies in the area of effect. When it disappears, it deals this damage to enemies that remain in this area.

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Bring a touch of class to Aelion’s celebrations with these new Legendary Weapons, available from the in-game store for a limited time only!