Skyforge Fifth Anniversary Expansion Available Now!

When desolation rained from the stars, darkness swallowed light, and Aelion prayed for heroes… you answered. For all your adventures, the threats you defeated, the powers you awakened, and the hope you restored to an entire planet, celebrations are in order. Commemorate five years of Skyforge with the brand-new Fifth Anniversary expansion on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!


Immortals have defended Aelion from invasion since time immemorial, and asked for little reward in return. Now, players can benefit from amazing perks during Invasions by charting a course through the Invasion Atlas! This feature marks a huge change to player progression. This celestial star map offers the chance to define your journey through every Invasion by choosing different routes, and enjoying gameplay buffs and bonuses along the way.

You can unlock over 100 nodes when you progress through Invasions, each of which grants special perks. They could maximise your damage, increase the efficiency of your class, or grant other beneficial effects. There are so many ways to progress, and every Invasion offers a chance to take a different, unique path. Check out our guide for more information, and prepare to navigate the Invasion Atlas during the Phytonide Invasion!




The Nightmare difficulty allows you to really challenge yourself by cranking up the adversity during your adventures. Now, we’re giving you even more ways to test your limits and earn better rewards for your efforts with the introduction of Maledictions. These modifiers will affect certain aspects of your adventures, with certain Maledictions making you more vulnerable to damage, others limiting the use of your Divine Form, and some giving your enemies the strength and speed to strike you down more easily.

Maledictions are not for the faint of heart, but you might find the rewards worth your while. It’s time to face your fears! If you want to find out more about Maledictions, our dedicated article has everything you need to know.




Revisit old classes or discover new favourites by equipping a trio of new Legendary Weapons! Arm your Necromancer, Gunner, and Slayer classes with these golden weapons, each bundled with a class unlock and other goodies. Their luxuriously decadent finish is worthy of Aelion’s current celebrations, so try not to get them dirty while you’re out there kicking ass…

Gear up with three new bundles from the in-game store:

  • Hand of Destiny Pack: Slay them all. Contains exclusive swords (Aika and Lakhesis, Veil of Fate), a Slayer class unlock, 75 Eidos Replicators, 30 Stimulants, and 2,000 Victor’s Medals!
  • A Sound of Thunder Pack: Shoot to thrill. Contains an exclusive hand cannon (Nemesis, Triumph of Steel), a Gunner class unlock, 75 Eidos Replicators, 30 Stimulants, and 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies!
  • Grim Ritual Pack: There’s just no time to die. Contains an exclusive scythe (Morana, Harvest Ritual), a Necromancer class unlock, 75 Eidos Replicators, 30 Stimulants, and 1,500,000 Credits!

IMPORTANT: If you already own one of the classes that can be unlocked with the new Legendary Weapon Packs, you will not receive any compensation.




Spring is in bloom, but an unwelcome infestation is ruining the vibe on Aelion. The Phytonides are pollinating the planet with evil in a new Invasion, and it’s up to the Immortals to put a stop to their schemes! Defeat the Phytonides and the Avatar Machavann to earn up to 20 levels of exclusive rewards through the Invasion Pass, including a brand-new Divine Form. The Phytonide Invasion Pass is now available to purchase in-game, and there are also many reward tiers unlockable for free.

Invasion card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: PC: 25
Xbox: 15
PS4: 19
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 535,000
Xbox: 265,000
PS4: 395,000
PC: 485,000
Xbox: 222,500
PS4: 355,000
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 235
Xbox: 170
PS4: 205
PC: 225
Xbox: 150
PS4: 190
Maximum rank of the Stronghold PC: 220
Xbox: 181
PS4: 220
PC: 210
Xbox: 170
PS4: 210

Seasonal Challenges

Complete seasonal challenges, earn points, and unlock special rewards. Players have access to ten basic rewards. Purchasing a seasonal subscription will unlock another ten. You will also receive a new color option for the Phytomorph Costume.

In the first week of the invasion, you can get the seasonal subscription for 20% off!

You can purchase the seasonal subscription in the game.

When you complete the challenges of the current invasion, you receive valuable resources: game currency, Premium subscription, capsules with mythical equipment or legendary weapons, and Rebirth Flame. But the main reward will be the Wakan divine appearance. The energy of cosmos flows through its veins, and the eyes aglow with blue flames promise nothing but death to its enemies.

Earn the maximum number of points, unlock the Eradicator title, portrait elements, Halo of the Phytonide Vanquisher, and game resources.





The divine warrior Wakan is a powerful entity whose eternal gaze has studied Aelion for millennia. They have finally deemed you worthy of their power, and you can unlock this new Divine Form by reaching level 16 on the Phytonide Invasion Pass! The Divine Form Wakan is available in male and female forms, and their visage will definitely strike the fear of Aeli into the Phytonides.



Aelion Day is a celebration of the bonds that unites its people, which pays tribute to the Immortals who protect Aelion from invasion on a regular basis. Festivities are now in full swing, and you can try your hand at a range of new missions to earn five special Anniversary costumes while the event is active! Find out what you need to do in the Aelion Day 2020 article.



Celebrate five years of Skyforge with the Fifth Anniversary expansion, now available as a free update for PC. The update will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 9. If you want to see all the new changes in the Fifth Anniversary expansion, check out our dedicated patch notes.

Thank you for playing!