Ascension: Get ready for combat on October 19th!

Ascension Release Dates

While we still have plenty to share regarding Skyforge’s Ascension, we’re finally ready to share the answer to one of our most common questions – when will Ascension release?

Skyforge’s Ascension update will be live on October 19th with the pre-patch releasing on October 5th! If you haven’t been keeping up with the all the info surrounding the update, stay informed by checking back regularly to read all the latest Skyforge news!

With that said, today we’ll quickly go over the new additions to the combat system along with a brand new trailer!

Ascension: Combat

The battle system is considered by some as one of the most iconic features of Skyforge. Crushing enemies with a powerful combo, avoiding attacks with an elegant dash, suddenly changing the outcome of a battle by activating the Divine Form and dragging your unfortunate adversaries into a black hole — all of this is incredible fun! So what could make the system even more dynamic and spectacular?

"Freaking Kraken! Come over here, you belching Tol-Monter! Thinking of coming for me? Huh, you slimy creature! Well come on then, you chunk of underdone seafood! Curse you! Slither over here, you cretin! I'll tear out your suckers and shove them down your throat!"

That's how! Select gear, chunks of armor, or pieces of your enemies' bodies and turn them into a dangerous weapon! How about snatching up a pair of poisonous triffid stems and whipping an unruly druid with them?


You are a god, have some fun!

Each selected item can only be used a few times, but the strength of the attacks is simply amazing! The selected weapons differ in type and can be used for protection or rapid attacks against single or multiple enemies. Picked up a Khelp’s claw? Excellent! Use it as you will, its previous owner can no longer object. Perform a few powerful strikes and, when you've had enough, throw it at your unsuspecting enemies.

By the way, as well as claws, you can hurl guns, staves, whips, grenades, mines and so on. Some alien toys can give you a boost for a short period of time, so do not be too quick to throw them away!


Show those creatures how feeble they truly are!

And that's not the only surprise! We have further developed monster behavior and added abilities to immortals to create new unforgettable sensations in PvE battles that make them even more dynamic. Take the battlefield under your control! Defeat enemies with skill combinations or act according to the situation: dodge attacks, collect new ultimate bonuses, and use them to change the outcome of the fight!


In addition, certain class skills will be adjusted very soon. Familiar abilities will get extra effects, which will add to the intensity of the battles! Let’s use the following as an example:

Cryogen running out and the enemy is about to get the upper hand? What luck! The free Icy Comet bonus is triggered and can immediately strike the repulsive berserker right between the eyes! Ha, that's what I'm talking about!
We are confident that all the listed changes will transform Skyforge’s already amazing combat into something even better! Fights will become more spectacular, dynamic, and the variety that was so lacking in long battles will improve.

Check back regularly for more news and updates regarding Skyforge’s Ascension at!

This material is devoted to content that is still currently in development. By the time the update is live, elements of the system may change.