Ascension: New Progression Map

Today, we’ll be looking at Skyforge’s Campaign; A Regional Map that offers a multitude of features and options allowing players to save precious time instead of wasting it in search of the most valuable rewards. Develop your character and participate in your favorite activities without having to navigate through multiple interfaces!

Discover details regarding the new progression Campaign!

Map of Aelion

By browsing the map, players can unlock all classes, meet the inhabitants of Aelion, and fight back against alien invaders! The main campaign will take players through basic locations, which gradually introducing new activities. With this change, new classes and adventures will be unlocked at a much faster rate: you just have to reach the required Region, take part in a few adventures, and now you’re learning the basics of archery at the Marksmen Temple, or, perhaps, enjoying the warm sun of the Naori Island.

On the map, you can see nine provinces, each featuring various buildings that the player can interact with.

Interactive Map

The Regional Map will serve as a window to most of the usual activities, along with the usual list of adventures: Regions, Squad adventures, Group adventures, Raids, test areas, and the latest Invasion activities. Whole provinces will be engulfed by the flames of war, and you will have an easy time of determining which one needs your divine intervention!



This structure appears in every Region that was liberated from the assaulting forces. The bonuses that strongholds provide replace most of the nodes in the general Ascension Atlas. The character may increase the rank of the structure by completing corresponding quests, thus raising their Might. The building will be upgraded automatically once the required Might value is reached. As a reward, the character’s additional stats, passive abilities, and symbols will be upgraded.

Class Temples

To unlock a new class, you will now have to reach the corresponding Temple (which are replacing the class atlas) on the Regional Map. Unlocked classes have a limited amount of predefined starter skills but new abilities can be unlocked by completing quests issued in the Class Temple. At a certain point, the class development tree will be divided into PvE and PvP ability branches, both of which can be fully explored.

Class temples


The capital will provide structures no less important to your character’s development and it can be easily accessed through the map interface.


Tower of Knowledge

Tower of Knowledge will replace the current Vectors system as well as become a source Intel on your enemies—a new currency that an immortal earns by participating in PvP and PvE activities. Updating the database allows characters to obtain a boost to their Might.


This imposing structure, erected by your adepts in your honor, will replace Equipment Amplifiers. The character receives Might by upgrading it.

Trophy Hall

This is where the upgrades purchased for Victor's Medals will be stored. More information on this building will be available soon!

Trophy Hall

Flavius's Laboratory

Here, the atlases of invading armies will be reflected. You can pay for research in special currency that the character receives and accumulates every 2 days during an on-going invasion. The Laboratory allows you to fight better against certain armies.

Additionally, Distortions are no longer bound to Pantheons. Now they are open to everybody who has completed relevant quests in the Laboratory.

Temple of Deeds

This structure will replace the Divine Atlas and Specialization Atlases. Performing feats in the Divine Form will allow you to gradually learn new abilities and features. We will outline the changes to the divine form in more detail in a separate article.

Temple of Deeds

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This material is devoted to content which is still currently in development. By the time the update is live, elements of the Campaign may change.