Ascension: New Values

Many players have voiced their concerns about the existing system of weekly caps. We have received a number of comments and have been monitoring its performance for a long time. This resulted in our decision to get rid of the caps as a way of limiting character’s development. This is a substantial change for the game’s economics system, and it will also affect a number of other mechanics.

Heroes will no longer have limits to the main currencies they can receive. The value system has been simplified and the already-familiar Credits and a new resource—Knowledge of Enemies—will become the prevalent type of reward and the main resource for upgrades.

This decision does have its downside: you can no longer freely exchange Credits for Argents (and vice versa). However, Ascension also features a new way of earning these currencies. Before, players were able to exchange some of their Credits for Argents, in the coming update you will be able to earn them independently in the following ways:

  • Gathering offerings at the Altar (we’ll return to that shortly);
  • Completing daily Directives;
  • Participating in battles at the Inghar Test Area, Battles of Equals, Operations, and other activities.



Altar is a new way of earning Credits and Argents in addition to adventure rewards. This is where your mortal followers leave their offerings, providing you with up to 10 every day. They include random amounts of Credits and, with certain luck, Argents. The minimum amount of rewards depends on the current rank of your Altar, which increases each time it is used. Once you have collected all offerings for the day, you can use the Altar to exchange Argents for Credits. Doing that is much more profitable than the initial offerings, but the number of uses of this feature is limited.


Replicators will be removed from the game and, at the same time, the range of uses for Stimulants will expand. Currently they’re used for speeding up the rate at which your adepts complete their missions during promotions. Now you can use them to:

  • Immediately complete adepts’ missions during promotions;
  • Complete Bastion quests quicker;
  • Speed up completion of Directives

Stimulants will be obtainable by purchasing them in the market, winning them during promotions, or as a daily login reward. After the update, Replicators in your character’s possession will be converted into Stimulants.

Premium subscription

Premium subscription bonuses no longer have caps; they also influence the amount of Credits and Knowledge of Enemies that may drop from monsters or received as a reward for completing adventures.

Trophy Hall

Character enhancement items are now available in the Trophy Hall instead of the Invasion tab of the market. After the update they will provide similar bonuses that influence efficiency of Bastions, Cathedrals, and the Towers of Knowledge.

Every enhancement your character may receive will have 4 ranks. Because of the increased efficiency of bonuses, the enhancements you may have received earlier will have 3rd rank, and your characters will receive Victor's Medals as a compensation. You can learn more about the conversion rate in the table below.


Additionally, below is a list of conversions for various items and currencies that will occur alongside the Ascension’s pre-patch.

Before the update, you will have a chance to purchase Argents or a Premium subscription for credits. After installing the Ascension pre-patch you will only be able to purchase Premium subscription through our web-site or by participating in promotions.