Ascension: Tol-Monter Raid

A new enemy is approaching Aelion: Tol-Monter, the leader of the Oceanid army! Despite losing some power of his army, this set-back has only made him more dangerous and unpredictable. Deceitfully seizing the throne of his home by launching a thousand-year civil war for nothing other than control, the great god of the water army does not stop at anything! Devastating, dangerous, hungry for absolute power - he can defeat almost any opponent with the crushing might of his attacks!

Upon Tol-Monter's arrival after the Ascension, Immortal heroes can fight against two of his incarnations - Training and Champion. Everyone who has achieved the Divine Form can challenge the first incarnation. The second is undoubtedly the strongest and most difficult boss in Skyforge and will be a real challenge for the heroes of Aelion! Can they defeat him? That remains to be seen...

Requirements for Participants.

Young gods can board an Oceanid ship and summon the Avatar to battle. The recommended Might for battle participants is 170,000 and the combat superiority level in the Flavius Laboratory is 75%. All participants should be equipped with fifth generation rare or, even better, epic items. If you win against the Champion incarnation, you will receive a Divine Deed and an Avatar Trophy - an item that you need to unlock Divine Specializations.
Additionally, during the Invasion, heroes will receive a special directive and can fight the training version of Tol-Monter. For their first victory in such a battle, heroes receive Divine Deeds and a unique mode of transport - a Khelp mount!

Ascension Raid (1)

Tol-Monter is a ferocious opponent and, before fighting him personally, junior gods can expect many challenges!
The first battle will be full of surprises! We do not want to spoil anything of course, but the first incarnation of the Great God is not the easiest of opponents: Dodge lightning, avoid traps, and don't let the elements force you away from the boss! If characters manage to stay alive after the terrible attacks, a difficult quest awaits them!

Ascension Raid (2)

While in his native element, Tol-Monter is in no hurry to go into battle personally. The only way to defeat the powerful creature is to use any means to turn his own strength against him. In the second phase of battle, junior gods can expect a very dangerous race through the depths of the Oceanid Flagship!
Mount Khelps from the enemy army and make them obey you! Ride these creatures through all the obstacles in order to reach the Avatar of the Great God!

But do not think it is going to be easy. Tol-Monter will try and stop you with different obstacles along the way, which only the most agile and quick thinking hero will be able to overcome.

Most importantly, try and ensure that the largest number of participants get through this part of the path, otherwise the group will not be able to go further and join the battle against the great god himself.

Ascension Raid (3)

In the final battle, the Avatar will stand before you in all his glory! This powerful creature will not stop for anything in an effort to fulfill the will of the Great God. Remember, time is against you, Tol-Monter's attacks are so strong that they gradually destroy the arena in which the battle takes place. The Avatar's servants will furiously protect their master, periodically appearing to join the battle. The key to victory will be a special artefact weapon, which immortals can use to apply skills to support the group and deliver a crushing attack on the boss! Get ready for a difficult struggle - the fate of Aelion is in your hands!

Fighting the great god's avatar in his home element is not an easy task! Are you brave enough to challenge him?