Black Friday Sale - Necromancer Packs, New Items, and More!

Black Friday is upon us and we’re excited to kick things off a little ahead of schedule by introducing the Necromancer Packs as well as adding a variety of new offers until December 2nd!

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The Necromancer Packs

We’re excited to welcome our newest bundle, the time-limited Necromancer Packs which come in three Variations – the Living Dead, the Night Patrol & the Arisen packs! Even the bravest immortals learn to fear the twisted sorcery that is necromancy. Take control of your own terrors to embrace the dark ways of the Necromancer’s with the Night Patrol and Urban Legend Costumes, a new dance, Argents, and most importantly the Necromancer class itself!

Night Patrol Pack Arisen Pack Living Dead Combo Pack
- Night Patrol Costume & Headwear
- 30 Days Premium Account Status
- 5,000 Spark Replicators
- 1,500 Victor’s Medals
- 500,000 Credits
- Instant Access to the Necromancer Class
- Urban Legend Costume & Headwear
- Urban dance
- Legendary Main Weapon & Epic Offhand
- 30,000 Argents
- 8,000 Spark Replicators
- 3,500 Ethereal Cores
- The Night Patrol Pack &
- The Arisen Pack

To view the complete details or to purchase the Necromancer Packs, visit our dedicated Necromancer Packs Page.

New Victor’s Medal Items

For the duration of the Black Friday sale, you’ll find a slew of new items available in the Invasion tab of the Market for your convenience! These items include Tactical Sense Replicators, Variatrons, and a recently implemented item, Secret Knowledge!
Secret Knowledge can still be earned naturally through Adept missions, but will be available in bulks of 200 from the Market for Victor’s Medals as a permanent bundle! This resource allows players to unlock access to the God of Knowledge and God of Travels Divine Specializations. In addition to these convenience items, the Dark Victor Chest has been added that not only provides Victor’s Medals, but gives the potential of receiving a new pieces of headgear as well!

Item Price
Tactical Sense Replicator Pack 100 Victor’s Medals
Variatron Pack 200 Victor’s Medals
Secret Knowledge Chest (Permanent Shop Item) 1,200 Victor’s Medals
The Dark Victor chest 250 Argents

Gift for First Time Argent Purchase

Finally, we’re proud to be introducing a new gift for of our all first time Argent buyers! While the Hornscute is leaving the stables for greener pastures, he’ll be replaced with a series of new items which includes:

Skyforge Black Friday 3

These items will remain after the Black Friday sale completes as permanent gifts for all first time Argent purchases! Additionally, players who have already made an Argent purchase will receive these gifts the first time they purchase Argents following the start of the sale!

Just like our Top Up Promotion - which provides a 20% Argent bonus to each purchase - the Necromancer Packs and Market items will only be around until December 2nd so don’t miss out!