Black Friday: Top-Up Sale & Power of Ambition Packs!

It is Black Friday and the deals keep rolling in! Visit our Black Friday promotion page and check out, what we have in store for you!

Power of Ambition Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time limited Power of Ambition Packs which come in three variations – School Reunion, Election Fever, and the Power of Ambition Combo Pack!

Feeling a little prestigious? Take on the role of an excited student returning to see his classmates or a proactive candidate for Aelion’s council! Either way, your dashing-looks and incredible style will certainly make you the center of attention. If you can’t decide what to wear, remember that getting both are valid options! These packs will only be available until December 8th!


School Reunion Election Fever Power of Ambition Combo Pack
Graduate Costume Candidate Costume School Reunion Pack
5,000 Argents 2,500 Argents Election Fever Pack
5,000 Knowledge of Enemies 750,000 Credits
25 Stimulants 5,000 Victor's Medals
30 days of Premium Account Status

To view the complete details or to purchase the Power of Ambition Packs, visit our dedicated Power of Ambition Packs page.


Flash Sale: 20% Bonus Argents!

It’s time for more Black Friday Deals, this time with a flash sale! Act fast, because only from November 25th until November 28th at 2:59am PDT , you’ll be awarded an extra 20% Argents when topping up your current stash!

Skyforge Bonus Argents

This includes the bonus Argents already added to the total when making a purchase. Taking advantage of this deal is simple - either click the “Add Argents” button on or in game by clicking your current Argent amount to access the “Add Funds” interface.

Curious to see the exact amounts you’ll receive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Price 20% Bonus Argent Total Argents
$2.99 + 500 Bonus 3,000
$6.99 + 1,200 Bonus 7,200
$12.99 + 2,350 Bonus 14,100
$24.99 + 4,800 Bonus 28,800
$49.99 + 10,000 Bonus 60,000
$99.99 + 21,000 Bonus 126,000

Remember, you only have until November 28th, so don’t delay!