Challenge Contest Winners - January 2020

A big thank you to all those that participated in our most recent Challenge Contest!

We received many unique and exciting ideas for seasonal challenges, and have finally selected 5 winners who will each receive 15,000 Argents, as well as a chance for their challenge idea to be implemented into the game!

Check out our winners below:


  • HollowFragment0 - MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Get 5 Pioneer boxes from Terra.
  • GrimLoko - LITTLE SUPPORT: Beat any Distortion with any Support Class.


  • KranicOnline - LEEROY JENKINS: Aggro and kill 100 mobs, including 10 strong mobs, without dropping from combat.


  • Leon Edelhaeuser - Spend 1,000 Faith in one day.
  • Leo Scrame - BY OUR STRENGTH: Throw one Iannas Sword with all sources of Energy charged (Iannas Sword, Hammer of Nerion, Metarchus Staff and Laertes Sword advanced versions are required) onto an elite in challenge mode or higher.