Changes to equipment and structures have been postponed


Thank you for helping us test the changes to equipment and structures in the capital! The data and feedback we received was very helpful. After analyzing it, we decided to postpone this update until the next invasion.

Judging by the test results, many characters have lost a significant number of ranks. This needs to be addressed, since it would lock them out of certain adventures, and we don't want to keep players from accessing the content they have already unlocked.

We have figured out what's causing it. Later we will share the details with you and explain how this issue will be resolved.

Thanks again to all immortals. Without your help, we wouldn't have discovered this flaw. We also want to thank Sir Tom (PC EU), Chaotica Zar (PC NA), GottaKILLDemALL (PS4 EU), and Crazy Pickle (PC NA). They get 10,000 Argents each.

Thank you!