Community Winter Contest - Winners

During our Winter Celebration we asked our Community to show off their real life skills by creating Skyforge themed greeting cards, baking cookies and cakes, knit socks, and craft Christmas baubles.

We want to thank all participants and congratulate you all on a job well done! We sure would have loved to eat some of the cookies or have a slice of that cake in the below pictures, and hope you and your loved ones enjoyed them as much as we did by looking at the images.

Without further delay, here are the winners:

Rank Name
1st Ceribe Kagami
2nd & 3rd Foxie Valhalla
Zoey Xiaphya
4th to 10th Hylde Vanadis
Swamp Warheart
Jackie Nguyen
Nagini Strange
Surreal Yaslana
Zery Lis
Jyotsana Millaray
11th to 19th Temi Lofthund
Klinge Strange
Tvrtko Kotromanic
Xpedia Crimson
Aertith Lionsoul
Saisai Iesai
Srewolf Enivid
Zir Mufini
Amaranthe Lokdon

Please note: we only received 19 eligible entries in accordance with the rules of participation. Therefore, it’s 19 of 20 winners. RL prizes will be sent out within the next 2 weeks. Depending on your location, delivery times may vary.

Ceribe Kagami with a Skytastic cake!
Ceribe Kagami - EU

Foxie Valhalla with a bunch of yummy class cookies!
Foxy Valhalla - EU

Zoey Xiaphya found a lot of loot baubles on her decorated tree - congrats!
Zoey Xiaphya - EU

Hylde Vanadis and her new legendary staff, worthy of a Witch!
Hylde Vanadis - EU

Swamp Warheart sends us Happy Holidays with a highly detailed greetings card!
Swamp Warheart - NA

Jackie Nguyen shows off his skills in paper crafting!
Jackie Nguyen - NA

Nagini Strange shares favourite cookies with each of Skyforge's classes!
Nagini Strange - EU

Surreal Yaslana is ready to celebrate New Year with these fancy earrings!
Surreal Yaslana -EU

Zery Lis shows off her art skills!
Zery Lis - EU

Jyotsana Millaray sends us a Merry Winterfest and frozen Khelps!
Jyotsana Millaray - NA

Temi Lofthund makes sure those Khelps stay away from your gifts!
Temi Lofthund - NA

Klinge Strange enjoys a relaxing evening with his unique Skyforge candle!
Klinge Strange - EU

Tvrtko Kotromanic is sending out some holiday cheer!
Tvrtko Kotromanic - EU

Xpedia Crimson sends us Happy Holidays with a unique greetings card!
Xpedia Crimson - NA

Aertith Lionsoul sends us Happy Holidays with a unique greetings card!
Aertith Lionsoul - EU

Saisai Iesai sends us Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year card!
Saisai Iesai - NA

Srewolf Enivid sends us Happy Holiday Greetings!
Srewolf Enivid - NA

Zir Mufini breaks the 4th wall and celebrates in Real Life!
Zir Mufini - EU

Amaranthe Lokdon recites the 12 Days of Christmas!
Amaranthe Lokdon - EU