Crucible of the Gods: Exploring the Divine Atlas

The Crucible of the Gods update officially launches tomorrow and in between our hectic last minute preparations we’ve decided to take some time to show off what players can expect after unlocking their Divine Form! Upon achieving the Divine Form, these lesser deities are granted access to the Divine Atlas which expands their potential power far beyond that of the average immortal.

Divine App1Divine App2Divine App3

Navigation through the Divine Atlas primarily requires players to spend Sparks of Insight, a familiar resource, which strengthens general stats identically to how they are achieved in the lower levels of the Ascension Atlas. However, as these newly ascended Gods progress further through the Divine Atlas they will be presented with unique nodes that utilize an entirely new resource – Celestial Sparks. These distinctive nodes provide improvements to the Divine Form its self through increased damage, health & more - or via expanding the effectiveness of the Divine Form’s magnificent abilities! Celestial Sparks are rewarded to the brave gods who are called upon to take part in the defense of Aelion during Invasions.

Divine Atlas

Spread throughout this advanced atlas are six specialization nodes, each one opening an entirely new Atlas! These six individual atlases unlock access to and provide benefits specific to that specialization such as God of Knowledge, for those seeking the ability to create powerful items, or God of War, for those who enjoy dominating massive PvP conflicts. Acquisition of these specializations is not a task which can be accomplished by those who lack the necessary strength to overcome all obstacles brought forth by the Invading armies. Currently, this resource is not available and will be awarded through certain activities in the future.

Divine Form

Divine Form is a true marking of a player’s capability and potential within the world of Aelion. Achieving this state not only proves the power that an immortal contains within them but reveals that the hope of all of the inhabitants of Aelion rests on their shoulders. Unlocking the Divine Form is merely a step in achieving ultimate power as you progress from a Lesser God to an almighty symbol of peace for Aelion!