Operation Ophelia and Divine Packs live!

Operation Ophelia now available

We have learned that the lord of the demons has managed to conceal the presence of an entire legion of his followers right under our noses: A new raid, Operation Ophelia, is now available in Skyforge!

The required amount of Prestige for participation in Ophelia is at least 229,572. The adventure will be an excellent test of skills for young gods, for there are many feats that lie ahead! Players from all regions will be facing this threat simultaneously – who will be the first to make a name for themselves as the first to vanquish this demonic threat?

A group of 10 valiant Immortals is required to go to the temple, with the adventure being aimed at experienced warriors who can work together, are well prepared, and are capable of facing the unknown. Immortals who take up this challenge will receive new rings and signets as rewards for defeating bosses.
The commander of the group of scouts tasked with investigating the temple complex and cave has compiled a detailed report. The latest information on the upcoming operation is shown below.


The huge gatekeeper Aran'daag presents the first serious threat. Only two scouts were able to get past him, so a group of Immortals will have to fight the monster to gain access to the temple complex.

It will not be an easy battle: The fury of this demon keeps growing and at any moment, Aran'daag could inflict crushing damage to the entire group if there is any hesitation in destroying his shield. Attacks from this boss are so strong that two mighty defenders from among the Paladins or Knights are needed to protect group members. Be vigilant, look up, and keep a close eye out for demons as you can never know what to expect – a blazing meteor or the huge carcass from a furious demon!


Successfully defeating the gatekeeper grants the group access to the complex. The next enemy faced is the violently evil Morr'tiash. She is greatly skilled in magic of the elements and is eager to demonstrate her abilities in battle!

At the start of the fight, after selecting a force (fire, ice or lightning), the boss uses her ability, the power of which keeps gradually growing. If the source of the element is not destroyed in time, the ever-growing strength from Morr'tiash’s attacks can inflict lethal damage. Once one source has been destroyed, the boss continues the fight with another element. When the last source has been destroyed, the group will no longer be able to stop the growing might of Morr’tiash and she must be destroyed as quickly as possible!

Note: If Morr'tiash uses cold, you will have to move frequently and dodge attacks to avoid being turned into a useless block of ice. Have you noticed the flash and buzz of electricity? Take care! The demon intends to use a static charge or is summoning a ball of lightning, which must be immediately neutralized! When Morr'tiash uses the force of fire, its guile knows no bounds! It will lurk in the shadows of the cave, while sending a copy to attack, leaving a fiery trail behind it. But the most unpleasant surprise could prove to be her damned allies right in the middle of your team. After a Flame Bomb detonates, everyone nearby receives damage, and the area will continue to burn.


The third demon, Tog'laaf, prefers to play with his victims first. He is treacherous and will use any means to prevent you from getting to him. Beware of the deadly stars surrounding this boss! Get away from the smokescreen and kill Tog'laaf's reflection as quickly as possible in order to get a chance to recover from unhealed wounds.

Skyforge Operation Ophelia

Dakhar'ur's and his minions

A luxurious council room is located in central Kiranghar. Three demon army commanders are hatching plans for a major attack. Once the group enters this room, they will have to fight one of the demons who will personally deal with your uninvited presence.

Learning about the death of his henchmen, Dakhar'ur turns to desperate measures - He orders a summoning ritual. If he is not stopped, a Nihaz avatar will materialize inside the cave and lead an invasion against Aelion! At first, Dakhar'ur does not pose a serious threat and the remaining demons are only rarely distracted from the ritual to help their commander. The group needs to defeat them both, one after the other, and only then go after Dakhar'ur. The boss inflicts mighty blows on the leading fighter and the nearest targets. In addition, Dakhar'ur uses a Resonating Blow, which inflicts damage on the entire group, especially those that are closest.

If Kort'azog remains in the room, immortals will have to undergo an unpleasant experience with gravity and volatile matter. The battlefield will see the appearance of spheres, which will start to slowly chase a random group member. If with the slightest hesitation you allow it to come close, one of your fighters will fall straight away. When there are a lot of spheres, they start to throb and when they approach they inflict damage to the area. A favourite pastime of Kort'azog is to temporarily take control of gravity. This enables him to lift enemies up into the air and throw them down to the ground one after the other. You can only protect yourself from this by standing near a sphere, which will take that opportunity to start moving faster.

A meeting with Shokh'bakhar also does not bode well. He has the most brutal and bloodthirsty disposition among his kind. Despite his impressive size, the demon constantly moves around the arena, delivering blows from above and rotating his sharp blades! Engulfed by his own fury, this mighty demon literally slices his way to his chosen target. You can only help the unfortunate victim avoid this meeting by temporarily slowing Shokh'bakhar down with class abilities. All demon abilities apply the negative lacerated wound effect on enemies, progressively inflicting damage. The more effects there are on the victim, the quicker Shokh'bakhar's health restores.

A turning point in the battle will be the death of one his assistants. Every time this happens, the boss's abilities will strengthen depending on who was killed. Perhaps, ability recovery time will be reduced, their damage will increase, impact radius will be wider or extra negative effects will be added. After the assistants have been killed it is important to end the battle quickly: Dakhar'ur receives Demonic Energy. The demon selects a random member of the group, stuns them for 10 seconds and applies a negative effect, at the end of which any allies within a large radius of the character receives damage.

Divine Packs

Nothing can stand against an immortal who chooses to call upon his ultimate trump card, otherwise known as the Divine Form. It is in this state of greater being that the Faith of all who believe in this young god’s efforts is unleashed upon their unfortunate foes. Due in part to the unrelenting power emitting from a god’s very presence, not even Quinta can successfully alter this form’s physical state without drastic consequences – but now you can!

From April 7th until April 21st, we offer you the ability to take control over your divine appearance with the new Divine Packs which come in three marvellous variations – Chromatic Pack, Morphic Pack, and the Divine Combo Pack!

Chromatic Pack Morphic Pack Divine Combo Pack
Ability to freely recolour your God form Ability to freely change the appearance
of your God form
Chromatic Pack
24 Inventory Slots 24 Inventory Slots Morphic Pack
30 Days Premium Account Status 25,000 Argents
500,000 Credits 3,000 Victor’s Medals
5,000 Spark Replicators 1,000 Holy Texts
2,500 Ether Cores

To view the complete details or to purchase the Divine Packs, visit our dedicated Divine Packs page.

Skyforge Divine Packs