Crucible of the Gods Preview – Pantheon Updates!

Pantheons function as a significant element of Skyforge as they provide players with not only a method to connect with their friends & comrades, but also award statistical bonuses for their members and access to unique content such as Distortions & Pantheon Wars. Pantheons are a critical system, which we are constantly looking at and Improvements are already on their way. The Crucible of the Gods update kicks this into motion with a series of vital updates to the Pantheon system functionality!

Contributing to your Pantheon’s successful expansion is done via both the donation of credits and sending your adepts on construction missions. The latter of which is undergoing a helpful renovation in the coming update by no longer restricting your collected resources to the active project. These resources will now be placed into a collection pool where they will be available for use towards any future construction project! To further assist with the early development of your Pantheon, a construction replicator has been added to the market which can be utilized to replenish construction resources. In conjunction with this item being added to the market, certain upgrades after a specific level will require the acquisition of a new item only obtainable through gameplay – Knowledge of Avatars.


Upon opening the Pantheon menu, you will find yourself with a newly improved main window which displays a variety of important information including the Pantheon Rankings, Pantheon Order Missions, Pantheon Stronghold Rank, and other information regarding the Pantheon’s activities.


While the aforementioned Pantheon rankings will not be implemented in Crucible of the Gods, your Strongholds will now be provided their own rank! A Stronghold’s rank is used to convey the varying stages of a Pantheon’s development and will determine the maximum available level of Stronghold upgrades as well as provide additional bonuses.


This is a small sampling of the alterations and additions which will be appearing in the Crucible of the Gods update on August 11th. For more information regarding these changes, stay tuned for our patch notes to be released in the very near future!