Assaulting Distortions with Pantheons!

Even after becoming gods, those who protect Aelion still have a strong desire to continue growing their powers. Once you’ve unlocked your divine form and have reached this new celestial milestone of power, you will find yourself poised to take part in some of the most intense and heated battles yet. One if these challenges comes in the form of special battles called Distortions.

In secluded corners of the planet, hidden from the eyes of mortals and gods, surviving monsters from past invasions are now constructing new bases and lairs. These concentrations of enemies cause distortions of space, which can only be detected by a special analyzer. Pantheons will want to seek out and acquire one of these devices so they can be on the lookout for new distortions and attack at the heart of these enemy camps. Improving the analyzer will allow the Pantheon to participate in these Distortion assaults and even send additional groups to several Distortions at the same time. In turn, this will help propel your Pantheon towards the top of the leaderboards and let you and your fellow gods face the most dangerous creatures.

The analyzer works by marking spatial distortions on the tactical globe found in the Divine Observatory, allowing a group of ten gods from the same Pantheon to instantly teleport to the enemy's lair. Here these brave gods will need to fight four powerful opponents one after another face-to-face in an arena. After destroying these opponents, the group will be able to strike at camps with even stronger enemies. Monsters found in distortions are deadly creatures who’ve survived previous invasions –thanks to their resilience, cunning and treachery. They are dangerous monsters, hardened by years of war and will make dangerous foes.


The first Distortion players will come across are remnants of an army belonging to an aquatic god – here they will face three of the most hostile sea creatures led by a giant Kraken. After that, you will face bloodthirsty Phytonides lead by an Entid, followed by Mechanoids commanded by a ruthless Rethiarius. Altogether, these creatures pose a dangerous threat. Some can harness the powers of Nature itself, while others utilize the latest technology and call forth potent spells.

The Kraken prefers to attack from afar using geysers and water globules. These globules fly along unpredictable trajectories and contain particles of Sparks which players will need to collect in order to use their divine form in battle. The Entid controls plants armed with spiked stems. Players might find themselves impaled if they stand in one spot for too long, making mobility a key factor in this fight. When not evading his strikes, groups must also retrieve their stolen weapons and fight additional Dryad minions. The cunning Mechanoid leader Rethiarius is capable of creating shields around itself that reflect most incoming attacks. Each shield created possesses different defensive traits, so destroying them will require coordination of all group members.


Do not expect victory to come easy. These creatures are impatient and will not wait for groups to get into their designated positions, assign rotations and attempt a few pulls – once the fight starts, you’ll only have 15 minutes to defeat them. This time limit will encourage groups to try new mechanics, quickly consider their strategies and most importantly - to work as a team. Such coordinated execution can only be achieved through diligent training, involving the group honing their strengths and skills until finally, your assault is a success. Only the strongest players who have unlocked their divine form can challenge these monsters and only a cohesive team will not falter in the face of such formidable enemies.

As rewards for their triumphant victory, not only are these groups given fame and honor, but they also receive unique Epic weapons and other valuable trophies, advance towards the next stages of their character’s divine form and prove their readiness to confront the avatars of invading alien gods!