The Cryomancer!

“If fire is the creative energy of the world that shapes the future, then cold is its memory, the unchangeable past. Cold is primordial and infinite, and therefore invincible. It is an inexhaustible source of power, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that many of the immortals are turning to it to achieve their goals.” - Asterius's Encyclopedia of Divine Powers

It is time to get better acquainted with one of the starting classes in Skyforge – the Cryomancer!

The Cryomancer is a dangerous opponent capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage, which allows him to quickly dispose of his enemies. And even though he would rather keep them at a distance, the Lord of Cold can deliver a chilling rebuff to anyone who gets too close. Allies will benefit from both the Cryomancer's powerful offensive abilities and numerous crowd control skills.. There is always a place for this versatile class in groups engaged in combat against monsters and other players.

Ice Crystal is an integral attribute of any Cryomancer.They are transformed using the cryogenerator into the freezing energy that the Cryomancer uses to fuel his abilities.

Let’s take a closer look at the Cryomancer's abilities. Basic offensive abilities of this class have two charge levels:

Cryonic Pulse. Depending on how long the player holds down the mouse button, one of the following abilities is activated: Shattered Storm (moderate damage to a single target) or Freezing Gale (damage to multiple enemies within a specific radius of the target).

Icy Missile. Just like with Cryonic Pulse, the effect of this skill depends on the time you hold down the mouse button. Short clicks will activate Icy Thorn that inflicts considerable damage to a single target. Holding down the mouse button will trigger Icy Dart that will add a damage over time effect to your base damage.

And now on to more spectacular abilities!

Snowball. This ability is primarily used for crowd control at a medium range. It knocks down the enemies and takes them with it as it rolls along. Eventually it breaks apart, sending the enemies flying and stunning them.

Ice Statue. This ability is a diversionary tactic; the Cryomancer slides back, leaving an ice statue in his place that distracts opponents and applies Intense Cooling effect to them. The effect can be stacked until it completely immobilizes them.

Whiteout. Affects several targets at once. An ice storm rises from the ground that slows down and inflicts damage to all enemies that get caught in it.

Northern Breeze. This is a finishing ability that becomes available when the target has a small amount of health left. It inflicts fatal damage, turning the enemy into a block of ice.

Frost Shackles. The Cryomancer’s ultimate ability! It creates an icy dome around the character that rapidly increases in size, and the enemies caught within it take great damage and are turned into ice statues. The ability is also effective against bosses immune to other types of control.


We have listed only a few of Cryomancer’s abilities. Later, we’ll be revealing a more a detailed list and description of all the abilities in a special section on our website.

Those who plan to play as Cryomancer will have plenty of abilities to choose from! As you develop your character, you can focus on inflicting as much damage as possible or on crowd control - making the fight difficult for your enemies. You can also combine both. Whether your character creates trouble for several opponents or directs all their attacks against one target depends on the set of abilities that you can choose to fit a specific situation, or play style. You should also carefully consider passive talents, as they affect the power of attacks and their cooldowns, as well as the cryogen cost which is very important.

Ascension Atlas

If you choose this class, you will not have to pay a lot of attention to combo attacks and abilities that require considerable time to charge – most abilities can be used instantly. This allows you to keep moving around the battlefield and stay at a safe distance from your targets. Even if enemies do get close to the character, the Cryomancer has enough tricks up their sleeve to easily get away, and that more than makes up for a weak defense and a smaller amount of health.


Players who will enjoy prefer constant movement rather than fighting in one spot will enjoy playing as Cryomancer. This class is highly dynamic and combat proficiency is easy to learn, but its development contains enough depth and variety that it will require a lot of skill to truly master, which is why it is recommended for most beginners in Skyforge!

If you want to try out the Cryomancer sign up for the Skyforge Beta now!