Cybernetic Alliance: Class Rebalancing

During one of our past updates, War’s Onset, we revealed the first of the class rebalances planned for Skyforge. As an ongoing process, this requires a lot of data collection and testing to properly implement into the game. The absolute goal of these changes is to allow a much more diverse range of classes within a single group and, at the same time, make all DPS classes completely viable for PvE encounters.
Realistically, specific classes will always excel in certain situations over others but with the release of Cybernetic Alliance, all classes that are currently under-represented are receiving noticeable boosts to their true potential!

We have a few standout examples but one specific highlight compliments these changes drastically – the Strength of Unity symbol. This symbol, which will be added to the Ascension Atlas, directly benefits more diverse groups by increasing the players Might (if they’re playing a class under the Damage role) by 25% for every ally of another Damage class within a 40 yard radius. This simple, yet effective, addition encourages players to build parties with more than just the highly common pack of Gunners or Cryomancers.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Symbol

While we won’t dive into all of the details in this article, we would like to provide a very small sampling of what can be expected for a few classes.

The Archer will see a significant boost to potential performance, primarily by increasing their ability to set up ideal scenarios that allow them to perform massive amounts of damage. For example, the Jungle Law talent will be replaced by Bullseye, which enables Aimed Shot to inflict 200% more critical damage. Within the same realm of thought, the Concentration talent has been replaced with Deadly Downpour which causes Wildfire Arrow to apply an effect which makes the next Arrow Storm inflict 500% more damage. Arrow Storm itself has been long considered unnecessary by many players but will now find itself at forefront of many Archer’s arsenals.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Class Rebalancing

The Witch will be seeing many of its abilities such as Living Helper, Taint, Murder of Crows, and others receive a noteworthy increase to their damage output. Alongside this, the Dark Minion Staff’s effect will increase the damage of Taint further by 3/4/5 times depending on the weapons quality. Even the Ninth Life talent will provide the Witch with new tricks, restoring full health when the Witch receives fatal damage instead of activating when reaching a certain threshold.

Arguably the most significant change for many users, the highly popular & effective Gunner will be altered in a way that, while seemingly massive, will leave them at roughly the same potential they were before while merely bringing them slightly more in line with other classes. For instance, rocket recovery speed will be increased 3-fold by default, but the Projectile Synthesis skill will be completely removed. The Accuracy provided by Mine Ring will be reduced by 5% as well as other various changes.

While players will always manage to find what is considered the “best” set-up to handle their desired content, these class updates ensure that more variety within the group will not cause harm. Instead, they will even prove extremely beneficial! Along with the classes mentioned above, players can expect additional changes of varying significance for the Monk, Alchemist, Berserker, Kinetic, Slayer, and Necromancer. The full list of changes for each class will be available within the Cybernetic Alliance Patch Notes prior to the update’s release.