Cybernetic Alliance Arriving June 1st & Skyforge Soundtrack Now Available!

Cybernetic Alliance

The battle against Thanatos is still raging on and even though it’s only been a quick three-weeks since our Reapers’ Revenge update went live, another batch of content is just around the corner!

Cybernetic Alliance, destined to descend upon Aelion on June 1st, will bring the first appearance of the Gorgonide Avatar, improvements to existing features, the long-awaited continuation to our class balance changes, continued bug fixes and much more!

Of all the updates and additional content being added in Cybernetic Alliance, here are a few highlights:

  • Companions: Flavius has realized the significant benefit his autonomous robotic multi-tools provide him on a daily basis. With that in mind, he's gotten to work on supplying the Immortals with a companion of their very own! This little guy will show you a little more respect than what Argus has made you accustomed, will provide minor assistance during combat, and more!
  • Akonita’s Avatar: Face off against the Avatar of the Akonita, the Great God of the Gorgonides. The first encounter will give you time to practice your skills against her as she prepares to make a personal appearance during a future Invasion. Board the Gorgonide vessel, confront this threat, and ensure Aelion’s safety for another day!
  • Equipment Refinement: The system related to the improvement of Boosters for the Main, Additional, and Ring slots will be undergoing an overhaul. The new setup will see Particles of Mastery removed and the ability to spend either Upgrade Stones or Credits.
  • Class Balancing: It’s time to continue our series of class adjustments! Players can expect beneficial changes to talents or skills of the Archer, Witch, Slayer, Monk, and others!
  • D2 Distortion: The D-Series Distortions will continue with addition of the second phase of the Death Dealers and pit you against the Frenzied Carrions. The bloodlust of these carrions grew over the years, eventually eclipsing the remaining shreds of sanity they possessed. When there were no enemies left, they attacked the nearest living beings - the Reapers - and tore them apart. But even that did not quench their thirst...

We will elaborate more on these features leading up to the release of Cybernetic Alliance. The full list of patch notes will be available on ahead of the update.

We’re excited as always to be releasing this update, and want to continue our thanks to our community for their continued feedback, bug reports, and support throughout the first half of 2016!

Skyforge Soundtrack

Out of the many questions we receive on a regular basis, one that always manages to come up always revolves around the Skyforge Soundtrack. Always wondering where they can get it, or when it will be available. Well, we’re here to say that you can find the Skyforge soundtrack on Youtube today!
That’s right, all of your favorite tracks from the world of Aelion are now available for your listening pleasure on Youtube! Just head on over to the Official Skyforge Youtube Channel and let the rhythm flow through you!
The full selection can be found in the channel's playlists under Skyforge Original Soundtrack I & II