Skyforge Update - 21.03.2018 - [Version:]

Game Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to upgrade the Pantheon to the 21st rank.
  • When a player maxes all aspects, the "Scroll of Enlightenment" will no longer be rewarded by Edicts
  • if the inventory at the time of reaching the cap already has a "scroll of enlightenment", it can not be used.

Fixed a bug with the absence of a button to turn into an Elder God.

Fixed Implant-neuromodulator

The position of the other characters is now displayed more accurately.

Fixed a Visual bug with the female version of ''Armor of the hero Lanber'' and ''Hood''.

Legendary Drops

You can only acquire one legendary item of each kind per Invasion. If you sell one, for example, you can only get a new one in the next Invasion.

The Elder Gods

  • Players no longer receive Cognition if they have developed all aspects.
  • Removed the spread in the sources of Cognition.
  • The amount of Cognition obtained by using the "enlightenment scroll" (the edict of the aspect of mercy) is now increased if the Golden node of the aspects has been unlocked.

Daily offerings in the Cathedral will no longer contain argents

the arrival of the followers of the ritual is increased by ~10-15% (varies depending on its level of development)

The gifts of the followers of the rituals, on average, improved (mysterious chests are not awarded anymore)

Known Issues:

Adepts menu is currently not functional.