Cybernetic Alliance: Your New Companion!

We’d like to present a faithful companion that will soon be accompanying each immortal on their journey across Aelion, helping in combat and other daily activities!
Fighting, providing assistance during adventures, or merely commenting on the currently ongoing situations – your new pal has it covered! This little-guy will be available to all players who have completed the Symbols quest (originally provided at the start of the game) previously or complete it in the future.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Companions 1

Designed by Flavius, these robots possess their own artificial intelligence similarly to the Argus system. However, Flavius is well aware of the frequent need of a multi-functional tool out on the field that won’t make mistakes that assistants are commonly known for. Following successfully experimentation and some interesting results, Flavius was effortlessly convinced to create similar contraptions for the other immortals.
Having applied the latest in cybernetic achievements into this project, Flavius managed to create a battle companion fit for the “new wave” gods. As an added treat, he even ensured that it was much friendlier towards humans than Argus, although some would disagree with that statement under certain circumstances…

This model of the Autonomous Robot Companion, abbreviated ARC, will be received by all immortals and is available within the player’s existing interface. ARC is able to help in battle by inflicting minor damage. As is its “nature”, ARC is a classic robot. While it may seem boring or naïve from time to time, this spontaneity might just cheer you up!
After installing the latest update, ARC will be close to your character, allowing customization of its model within the Style Room. Along with the base appearance, you can even adjust visibility settings in both neutral and combat environments. It’s even possible to edit its tendency to react or provide suggestions!

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Companions 2

Experts in the research center have decided to expand on this scientific marvel by attempting to improve ARC with additional modifications. In the future, the companion will be able to learn additional skills and become a truly indispensable companion. For now, the most basic model will be made available!
In short, this wonderful companion will make your journey in Skyforge easier and much more interesting! We hope that you will find ARC to be a loyal comrade and most importantly, a friend.