Dark Omen Arriving March 16th!

Time has certainly flown by as we’ve already reached a month since the release of our last major update, March of Knowledge! Skyforge’s development continues to advance at a steady pace and we’re more than happy to announce another update is just around the corner – Dark Omen will be arriving next week on March 16th!

Contained within this rapidly approaching update is new content, various quality of life improvements to existing content, continued bug fixes and much more!

Of all the updates and additional content being added in Dark Omen, here are a few highlights:

New Operation System: Operations are receiving an overhaul! They will now last a shorter duration, the top players can skip an Operation tier, a new progression bar for those that advance beyond the one million token mark will be available, and many more fantastic changes!

Elder God Questline: Learn what it takes to become an Elder God and continue your divine journey during the next Mechanoid Invasion! Fend off the metallic threat in a series of missions leading up to the titular showdown with the Mechanoid Avatar!

Pantheon Fusion Tool: Any Pantheon, small or large, seeking to merge themselves with another Pantheon will now be able to accomplish such a feat! This new tool will allow two Pantheons to combine, transferring both their members and resources, into a singular community. Join forces and battle Aelion’s threats together!

We will elaborate more on these features leading up to the release of Dark Omen. The full list of patch notes will be available on Skyforge.com ahead of the update.

Thank you to all of our players for your continued support, feedback, and efforts to keep Skyforge improving! So far, 2016 has been amazing for Skyforge and we’re endlessly excited for what the rest of the year has in store - hold on a minute, we’re not done yet!

Skyforge Dark Omen Symbols 1

Invasion Symbol Interface

We wanted to take this opportunity to quickly give you a taste of one of the changes arriving in Dark Omen. Currently, selecting symbols (especially Invasion Symbols) isn’t the most convenient set of actions. At the moment they remain a dull, unorganized list and it’s difficult to easily tell which belongs to what, and what type of Invasion symbol it is. In Dark Omen, Invasion Symbols will be provided their own streamlined interface, allowing quicker navigation and significantly easier selection! For example, you now can clearly see which symbol belongs to what invasion, and if the symbol is either minor or major.

However, resetting your "regular" symbols will no longer reset your invasion symbols. While at first glance this means you have to pay twice, it also allows you to plan per symbol set instead of having to redo both of them.

Skyforge Dark Omen Symbols 2

Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support and we’ll see you in Skyforge on March 16th!