Reapers' Revenge Arriving April 20th!

It hasn’t even been a month since the release of Dark Omen and we’re already preparing a brand new update for Skyforge! This exciting update will include a wide array of fantastic content, improvements, adjustments, and more that is sure to leave everyone with something to salivate over! Reapers' Revenge and all the beneficial changes found within will be available to all players on April 20th!

Of all the updates and additional content being added in Dark Omen, here are a few highlights:

  • Distortion Vectors: Along with providing some of the best weaponry an Immortal can get their hands on, completing Distortions will unlock Vector’s in their respecting army’s Invasion Atlas! Progressing further in the Invasion Atlas will allow these vector’s to grow, earning players even more stats than before!
  • Mount Upgrades: Have a preferred mount that you just can’t live without? It will soon be possible to upgrade your modes of transportation to make them faster, spawn quicker, and more!
  • D-Series Distortions: As more Pantheons successfully conquer the C-Series Distortion, it’s time to introduce the newest challenge waiting within the mysterious D-Series Distortions. Suit up and prepare for your greatest challenge yet!

Please be aware that the release date of certain content may end up differing from the release of this update. We will elaborate more on these features leading up to the release of Reapers' Revenge The full list of patch notes will be available on ahead of the update.

As always, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support, feedback, and bug reports throughout the past month! Before we go, we have one final piece of new content from Reapers' Revenge to discuss!

New Adventure Search Interface

Searching for Adventures is a major part of Skyforge and is easily a key aspect to having a successful experience while playing. We believe that finding the right adventure, with the desired reward and completing it with a suitable level of difficulty, should be as easy for someone who has just registered to play Skyforge as it is for an experienced player. Therefore, we are implementing certain changes to improve the adventure search process. These improvements will result in the Adventure interface becoming much clearer and user friendly!

Convenient Interface

First, the list of adventures on the interface has changed as well as the pictures for individual adventures.

Skyforge New Adventure Search Interface 1

Next, there will now be a simplified difficulty level indicator marked by 3 colors: Green (Easy), Orange (Normal), and Red (Impossible).


Invasion & Distortion Adventures will now have their sort buttons located on the “sort list” on the right side of the screen.

Skyforge New Adventure Search Interface 2

One Joining Button

To join an adventure there will be only one button – “Join”. In Group, Party, and Invasion type Adventures, it means that players are Joining a queue for a group. However, several seconds after the search has been activated, the “Enter” button becomes available, which will of course allow groups to enter or those with the God of Travel Specialization to enter alone. Additionally, you can enter these adventures as a previously formed group - In this case, members of the group will be able to select the difficulty level.

In Squad Adventures, the Join button enables you to enter Adventures alone or as part of a previously formed group.

New Difficulty Levels

To reach an Adventure with a new difficulty level, you no longer have to work long & hard to boost your character’s Prestige. Higher difficulties will become available after you complete the previous difficulty level for the Adventure one time. Those that love a real challenge can return to well-known Adventures and test themselves in a fight with more powerful monsters. However, this will not be easy.

In addition, players will receive 100 Replicators for unlocking each new difficulty level and 5,000 Credits outside of the cap for access to a new difficulty level block (for example, moving from stars to skull). It’s important to note that once a new difficulty block is unlocked the previous ones are no longer available. Along with this, please keep in mind that during an active invasion the army’s Adventures will always have a Normal difficulty.

Skyforge New Adventure Search Interface 3

Naturally, this raises the question of whether players who have already unlocked multiple difficulty levels in Adventures will receive these new rewards. Yes they will! After the update, you can receive rewards for all the difficulty levels that have already been unlocked after completing the available Adventures one time!

IMPORTANT: While it may seem like a good idea to move to higher difficulty blocks in an attempt to receive higher rewards, it’s possible that players may increase the difficulty beyond their capabilities. Please use caution when contemplating transitioning to a higher tier!

Rapid Response Squad

In Reapers' Revenge, Skyforge will offer a brand new three-member team activity – Rapid Response Squad. When joining the queue for this Adventure, players will have no idea which available Squad Adventure they will be participating in! Players can join this activity either alone or with a pre-existing group of up to two other members. The system selects the other participants (if necessary) and you will go into a random Squad activity that is accessible by all group members.
The difficulty level of the Adventure is always Normal and the group selection works on the same principle as regular Adventures: The system searches for characters with a similar amount of prestige.

This new activity will not just bring more diversity, but also guarantees you can complete adventures in a group at a comfortable difficulty level. In addition, reward selection is provided to allow the control over any prize you’d like!

The Skyforge team has worked hard to implement these improvements and we hope that you find them much more convenient than the current system! The New Adventure Search Interface will be available in Reapers' Revenge on April 20th!