Dark Omen: New Invasion Operations!

Operations involving taking the fight directly to the invading armies are an important part of life for any Immortal on Aelion. They are not just a way ensuring the protection of our peaceful inhabitants, but also an excellent opportunity to obtain additional resources for development.

Join us as we explore the exciting changes that will be arriving to Operations in Skyforge’s latest update, Dark Omen!

Skyforge Dark Omen Operations 1

The primary change will be the shorter duration within the new system. Each Operation will have a fixed duration of 4 hours - This will be the length of time required from when the first person joins the activity to the end of the operation. Players will still only be able to take part in one Operation of the relevant Invasion per day. This will significantly reduce the extremely competitive sessions, which can currently start early in the morning and only end at midnight in some cases.

In addition, new Operations cannot be started at any time of the day. Instead, Operations will not begin between 00:00 and 10:00 server time (although active Operations can still end between this period).To give players the chance to select the time at which they want to participate in operations, players will be provided the option to exit the activity. Upon joining an Operation, players will have 15 minutes to exit it before becoming locked in for that session. Along with this, to ensure that cutting the duration of the Operation does not inconvenience those that were last to join, new participants will not be accepted within one hour of its completion.

Skyforge Dark Omen Operations 2

Operations will continue to have a maximum of 40 participants, but now half instead of a quarter of the participants with the most tokens (if they all achieved personal progress) will move on to the next operation. The top 25% of players will bypass the next operation and jump straight to the one that follows that while still earning the rewards for both. For example, if 40 players complete the first Operation then the top 10 will jump to the third, and the next 10 will move to the second. Thus, it will become easier to reach the eighth and last operation and obtain the rewards such a high tier can provide.

Skyforge Dark Omen Operations 3

How will the rewards themselves change?

Previously, Trophies were received for personal progress, Tokens for general progress, and Sparks for achieving a top rating. Instead, you will now receive Tokens for 100% personal progress in the first five Operations and Rare & Epic Trophy Fragments in the last three.

Operation № Operation Rewards
Support Operation 20,000 Tokens
Safety Operation 40,000 Tokens
Scouting Operation 60,000 Tokens
Combat Operation 80,000 Tokens
Specially Dangerous Operation 100,000 Tokens
Special Operation 70 Rare quality Trophy Fragments
Operation of Special Importance 10 Epic quality Trophy Fragments
Operation of Utmost Importance 25 Epic quality Trophy Fragments

New army sparks can be received by completing an Operation and for moving to the next. The amount of Sparks received depends on how many times the invasion of a particular army has been repeated. For example, taking part in the fourth Invasion of an army will earn players 330 sparks for completing each Operation. The amount of Sparks for moving from one Operation to the next will increase depending on its number. The table below displays the amount of Sparks gained for the first invasion of any given army.

Operation № 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Number of sparks 165 330 495 660 825 990 1155 1320*

1320 sparks will go to the top players of the operation. You can only receive this reward once per invasion.

Finally, a new progress bar will now become available to players that achieve 1,000,000 tokens. If you obtain over 1,000,000 tokens, you will receive a small amount of Energy Modules as a bonus. The wait will be over soon as it’s only a matter of time until you will be able to help the mortals and gain rewards much more efficiently with the improved Operation system!

This new system will be available with the release of Dark Omen tomorrow, March 16th. Curious to know what else will be available alongside this change? Then check out the Dark Omen Patch Notes for the full list of changes!