Secondary Invasionary Force Spotted!

Aelion’s citizens are currently battling with the slippery Gorgonides as their assault on our home continues. While their force is strong, victory is almost certainly guaranteed however, a new threat lingers over the horizon. The Mechanoids, most likely seeking to take advantage of our current distraction, has been spotted approaching Aelion. They may see us as easy targets, but we cannot falter. We call upon all able-bodies to defend Aelion against these threats.

From this day forward, Skyforge will have two Invasions active at one time, each one cycling out every week!

Skyforge Double Invasions 1

This will allow players to progress through multiple Atlases and be provided additional rewards for a larger variety of content beyond what can currently be achieved. As a reminder, our March of Knowledge update will introduce the Laboratory, which will completely overhaul the current Resistance system into a new simplified version! The greater the threat, the greater the reward – Take the fight to the enemy, push them back, and force their retreat!

Take on these Invaders with the power of a God – Play Skyforge for Free Today!

Skyforge Double Invasions 2