Days of Glory Event & Commander Packs!

Days of Glory

The Days of Glory Event is an in-game activity dedicated to the decisive triumph won in the battle of Aelinar – a breakthrough moment in repelling the first Mechanoid invasion in the history of Aelion. Despite Aelinar’s destruction during the god’s last stand during this confrontation, it became the location of victory for Aelion and quickly transformed into a symbol of unity & rebirth. Ever since, the battle of Aelinar has been an annual celebration for Aelion’s inhabitants.

Aelion’s Days of Glory Event starts on April 28th and will last until May 25th!

During the Days of Glory event you will be able to take part in various activities to earn Ether Trace, which can be used for various goodies in the shop. Other event features include:

  • Touring the Military-Exhibitions that will be ongoing at the park. You will be able to learn about the equipment, the battle of Aelinar, and more!
  • Fight against Phantoms of Past Battles that have the possibility of appearing during Adventures. These reminders of Aelion’s near demise can drop a mysterious Letter, currency, or unique clothing!
  • Solve the mystery of the strange letters! Successfully solving their riddles will take you on a journey across Aelion, earning you the event’s unique currency (Ether Trace) throughout your search as well as a new costume!

Skyforge Days of Glory

Commander Packs

In celebration of Aelion’s military might, we’re excited to announce a joint effort with’s other fantastic project, Armored Warfare, to bring you the Commander Packs!

The Commander Packs are available for purchase from April 28th until May 13th and come in three variations – Sergeant Pack, Lieutenant Pack, and Commander Combo Pack.

Are you prepared to lead the troops into battle as an unwavering Knight in Skyforge, then put down the shield for a much more effective and modern tank experience? Then the Commander’s Packs have you covered with Premium Account time for Armored Warfare on top of all the beneficial items and unique costumes for use in Skyforge!

Sergeant Pack Lieutenant Pack Commander Combo Pack
Impregnable Defense Armor Darkest Hour Superglider Sergeant Pack
3 Unique Helmets Fearless Leader Attire Lieutenant Pack
30 Days Premium Skyforge 3 Unique Helmets 30 Days Premium Armored Warfare
750,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
2,000 Spark Replicators 5,000 Spark Replicators
1,000 Victor’s Medals 2,500 Ether Cores
3 Days Premium Armored Warfare 1,000 Holy Texts
200 Secret Knowledge
7 Days Premium Armored Warfare

To view the complete details or to purchase the Commander Packs, visit our dedicated Commander Packs Page.

Skyforge Commander Packs