Legendary Arms Deals – April 30, 2020

Dear friends!

From April 30 to May 14, you can get the best generation 25 weapons with additional properties simply by opening Weapon Capsules. You can select a suitable capsule and get the desired weapon sooner!


Every weapon capsule contains a legendary weapon of the current invasion season that greatly boosts the abilities of its corresponding class, along with providing additional stats when equipped. Plus they look super cool, which is always nice. Weapon capsules come in 4 different colors, with each color containing a distinct collection of weapons, so make sure you know which weapon(s) you are aiming for and choose the corresponding color.

These capsules are extremely valuable, so please note that only one bundle of each type will be available per player.

Weapon Capsules Bundles are available in these sizes:

Bundle Old Price New Price
Small Weapon Capsule x3 30,000 Argents 24,000 Argents (20% Off)
Medium Weapon Capsule Bundle x5 50,000 Argents 37,500 Argents (25% Off)
Large Weapon Capsule x10 100,000 Argents 70,000 Argents (30% Off)

Each weapon has 3-4 variations depending on the class type. Thus you will not get items with identical stats. Below is the list of stats.

Emerald Capsule Sapphire Capsule Amethyst Capsule Amber Capsule
1 2 3 4
• Telurgan Rod (Lightbinder) • Lus'sa and Krei'ra, Elemental Fury (Outlaw) • Hak’kar, Eye of the Storm (Revenant) • Astral Stream (Warlock/Witch)
• Fury, the Astral Reaper (Necromancer) • Sarn’s Rage (Slayer) • Kharpoen, Bane of Krakens (Knight) • Horus, Demonheart (Cryomancer)
• Flos, Reverse Mutation (Alchemist) • Aquatis, Wave Breaker (Monk) • Timor, the Duality of Nature (Warlock/Witch) • Scylla, Grip of the Depths (Alchemist)
• Kera, Messenger of Death (Gunner) • Axial, Hammer of Depths (Kinetic) • Cronus and Rhea, the Mark of the Past (Paladin) • Morodea, Focus of Power (Necromancer)
• Manicelum, the Tree of Poison (Grovewalker) • Altsea, Frosty Bloom (Cryomancer) • Maa’rid, Hidden Rage (Lightbinder) • Ricinus, the Poisonous Claw (Archer)
• Baal and Mot, Demonic Onslaught (Paladin) • Florentis, Dryad Song (Lightbinder) • Stinger (Archer) • Eternal Darkness and Endless Night (Outlaw)
• Oenomaus, the Unflinching Fighter (Kinetic) • Hydnellum, the Ripping Thorn (Revenant) • Fang and Spike, the Drovers (Outlaw) • Lament and Sorrow, Dark Defender (Paladin)
• Gvardar, the Robust (Berserker) • Iron Heart (Berserker) • Kryta, Viper’s Heart (Cryomancer) • Mainz, the Substantial Argument (Gunner)
• Ner’gal, Plague Incarnate (Revenant) • Seth and Python, the Viper Guard (Knight) • Yarm, Astral Forge (Alchemist) • Jinx, Flaming Strings (Soundweaver)
• Khella, Kiss of Death (Soundweaver) • Ignitia, Astral Flame (Archer) • Abyss, Crucible of Chaos (Firestarter) • Sigil, Master of Suffering (Grovewalker)


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