Deus Ex Machina Packs, Dawn of a New Era Event & Transport Sale

Dawn of a New Era

Aelion has changed after Auria's attack! The decisions of the Council of Gods have been compromised; Who knows what directives were adopted while under the poisonous influence of the Mantides? How many lives were given up at the will of those we were used to trusting? Can we overcome this crisis, the likes of which we have not known since the disappearance of Aeli? In short: Yes we can! The warriors of Aelion have something that no enemy army has - cohesion and faith in victory. With both junior gods and mortals alike joining forces, we can overcome any obstacle that stands before us! The dawn of a new era is shining over the ruins of the old Aelion!

Starting September 21st, all immortals will have to face the consequences of the Auria attack in the Dawn of a New Era event!. Thousands of Wingers, deprived of their Matriarch, will abandon their underground lair and try and turn our planet into ashes. Every effort must be made to repel these attacks.


By completing daily quests, destroying Wingers, and rescuing those turned into Aswangs, heroes will inspire more and more residents of Aelion to fight the invaders. The more zealously you defend Aelion against the Mantides, the more regular mortals you will encourage to protect their home planet from the alien threat and the stronger the recently formed movement of The Sworn will become. This movement brings together the residents of Aelion, who are ready to do anything to destroy the invaders!

The event interface has two scales: the first shows general progress for the server and the second shows your personal progress.

Note, your personal progress in the Dawn of a New Era event also depends on general server progress and has certain thresholds. So unless general server progress has also reached the required threshold for the relevant reward you will not be able to receive it.

For the most valiant immortals, the rewards will include: new divine eye colors, unique tattoos, an exclusive crown and a very rare set of wings!

Aelion needs you more than ever! Fight fearlessly and we are certain to win. Good luck and may Aeli protect you!

Deus Ex Machina Pack Sale

Everyone approaches situations differently, be it watching things unfold as they occur or diving in and figuring out how things function in your own personal environment. Regardless, it’s the results that are important!

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time limited Deus Ex Machina Packs which come in three variations – Field Practice, Scientific Prestige, and the Deus Ex Machina Combo Pack!

Do you find yourself a more practical explorer, preferring to actively observe the routine processes to determine results? Perhaps you keep your mind at ease by solving any complex calculations and effortlessly implementing those brilliant ideas? Whichever side you may be on, there’s a Deus Ex Machina Pack just for you!

Field Practice Scientific Prestige Deus Ex Machina Combo Pack
Mechanical Engineer Costume
& Headwear
Prestige Mechanics Costume
& Headwear
Field Practice Pack
30 Days of Premium Account Status 25,000 Argents Scientific Prestige Pack
750,000 Credits 7,000 Spark Replicators
7,000 Ether Cores 1000 Victor's Medals
2,000 Enhancement Stones 2,500 Holy Texts

To view the complete details or to purchase the Deus Ex Machina Packs, visit our dedicated Deus Ex Machina Packs page.

Deus Ex Machina

The Deus Ex Machina Packs will be available until October 5th!

Transport Sale

As part of our promotions, we commonly include a unique mount that can only be obtained through the aforementioned activity. As a way to allow players to obtain a slick new ride they either were unable to obtain, or merely weren’t actively playing Skyforge at the time, we’re introducing a small selection of them into the market for a limited time- at up to a 50% discount!

From September 21st until September 27th, take this opportunity to pick up a fantastic new mode of transportation that’s sure to make your Pantheon jealous! Each option can be purchased with either Argents or Credits.

The list of prices & discounts (In Argents) for each of the mounts can be found below.

Mount Normal Price New Price Discount
Nymphea Flower 18,000 9,000 50%
Nymphea Sky Flower 18,000 13,500 25%
Trilia Flower 18,000 13,500 25%