The Hot Summer Sale!

Shed your drab spring clothing and start revamping your wardrobe: The Hot Summer Sale is here! In case you haven’t had the chance to spice up your collection during the early summer months, we offer you the opportunity to dress in style while participating in the latest content additions introduced in the Crucible of the Gods Update!

From August 19th until August 26th, you can beat the heat and expand your Style Room with the Hot Summer Costume!

SummerMale SummerFemale

The Hot Summer costume can be purchased from the in-game market via the "Costumes" category using either Argents or Credits.

Price: 1,000 Argents or 168,015 Credits

Male costume iconFemale costume icon • Once the purchase of your Hot Summer costume is completed, you will immediately receive it.
 • Double-click on the costumes Icon within your Inventory to unlock it in your Style Room.
 • To equip this fashionable attire, click on its icon within your Style Room and press Save.
 • Ready to go!

Don't wait until the last minute to introduce more variety into your wardrobe – Take on a new look for the Summer Season!