Elder Guardians - We want you!

Hello Immortals!

We are looking for the next group of players that want to join the Elder Guardians of Skyforge. Membership on the Elder Guardian team is a volunteer role within the community. You will represent all players and meet with the My.com staff to discuss issues, moderate forums, collect feedback, and suggestions for the present and future of Skyforge.

If you are interested in becoming an Elder Guardian, please read more about the role below! If this is something you would love to be in, fill out this form!

What is an Elder Guardian?
Elder Guardians are the bridge between players and the My.com Team. Elder Guardians can help mediate issues in-game, provide guidance, and help prevent conflicts from escalating. Additionally, the can help the My.com Team test bugs and provide player perspective insights about Skyforge. Elder Guardians are generally good individuals to go to for advice on game play and for questions. Elder Guardians have also a direct link to the Skyforge Team and have therefore the ability to alert the My.com about any critical issues that need immediate attention. You can recognize Elder Guardians by their [EG] tags within the game and within the forums by their forum title.

This group of players will have no affiliation with My.com and will directly help the community team in the cause of everything Skyforge. Elder Guardians are normal players that express special interest in Skyforge and its Community.

Mission of the Elder Guardians:
To break down communication barriers between the developers and the community while assisting the community managers in Skyforge related issues and the forums.

What makes an Elder Guardian?

  • Leaders within the community
  • Players who are active through Discord & the forums
  • Players who engage with other players via in-game chat and the official forums
  • Experienced players who are familiar with the workings of the game
  • Players who bring constructive criticism but also ideas and suggestions for improvement

What is the role of an Elder Guardian?
An Elder Guardian is a community representative who aims to do the following:

  • Gather and present community concerns (issues, questions, suggestions) through forums, in-world discussions, etc.
  • Discuss with My.com the possible approaches for top concerns
  • Relay the team findings from our discussions back to the community and field further questions.
  • Forum Moderation for their specific region

Elder Guardians also promote the interests of the community by generating ideas and insights on such topics as:

  • Community Health
  • New Features
  • Game Feedback
  • Suggestions
  • Issues and Bugs
  • Forum Moderation