The Aelinet Report: Skyforge Bulletin #1

Hear ye, Hear ye! Welcome, one and all, to the first biweekly Skyforge Bulletin – providing a brief breakdown of all the latest Skyforge highlights and shenanigans to help you stay up-to-date on current affairs.

The Community Report

We’re also happy to report the first B3 and B4 kills in NA & EU. These brave heroes will surely go down in Aelion history for this impressive feat:


The final battle of Pantheon Wars (Season 2) also took place on the 19th of March, yet most participants are being given time to recover before celebrations take place. As always, we have a full-on report of the entire Season!

The Political Report

Latest News & Updates:

  • New Moon Order Preview: Thea: - Soon you’ll be able to explore the vast land of Thea. Get an early look at the Class Talents, Quests and the environment that await young gods on the moon and stay tuned for more details on Thea, coming in the next days and weeks.
  • The PTS Weekend has begun! - We hosted a PTS weekend where you could play with gravity and take a meteor shower. We hope you enjoyed it! Thanks everyone for taking part!
  • Thea Space Program: Community Event: - Be the first to set foot in uncharted territory and take part in the Thea Space Program!
  • PS4 Early Access has begun: - Take a seat, give your controller a quick button-check and prepare to unleash godly powers from your very fingertips – literally!
  • Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge Changes: We've updated the mechanics for the Cathedral and the Tower of Knowledge. Both capital buildings are a vital source of might development for immortals.
  • The Emerald Stream Promo: - Tame your very own exclusive Young Trewang Mount during the Emerald Stream promo, running until April 12th!


Stay tuned for more insight down the line, and be sure to pack an anti-grav lunch for your future trips to Thea in the upcoming New Moon Order update!

-The Skyforge Team