Ether Catalysts Sale


Upon stepping foot on Terra, you will find that Ether is an exceptionally valuable resource that leads to greater powers for an Immortal. Ether is vital to obtaining unique new symbol skills available to each class, but it is only collectible in deposits known as Ether Clusters that are found across the planet far and few in between.

Thanks to the amount of valuable research you’ve helped obtain on Terra, the combined minds of Flavius and Hugo have managed to develop a device that will make the gathering of Ether more efficient than ever! Introducing the Ether Catalyst!

The Ether Catalyst doubles the amount of Ether gained, making your efforts towards obtaining powerful new symbol skills easier than ever.

Ether Catalysts are the state of the art and in very limited supply. Catalysts will only be available from August 9 to August 16 with a limit of 10 Catalyst per Immortal, until the technology can be further refined and reproduced.

Get your Catalysts now, get the most out of your exploration on Terra, and help Flavius test this new technology that will help give us an edge against the enemy forces also attempting to establish control on Terra