Exoskeleton: Know The Basics

Exoskeletons are now available on Nintendo Switch! Find out more about the feature in this handy guide.

An Exoskeleton is a new type of mount invented by Flavius that grants its wearer special abilities and an Immortal can also use divine weapons while wearing an Exoskeleton frame. An Exoskeleton is made up of four parts: base, back, arms, and legs. The base grants a few bonuses and the other parts are attached to it. Each additional module can improve the suit dramatically—the modules can do a number of things, such as improve durability and speed, charge Companion attacks, allow for flying, and increase damage dealt with emblems, amongst other things.


You can get started on your set with a free Exoskeleton base when you unlock your Divine Form and complete the Exoskeleton tutorial. To unlock this tutorial quest, you need to have completed the equipment (upgrades) tutorial previously. You’ll need to get more Modules yourself. Each module has several properties and can vary in quality, not unlike other equipment. The higher a module’s quality, the more bonuses it has.


You can find new modules by earning them during promotion events (9 events) and progressing through some Invasion Passes. When clearing Distortions, you will get either a module or Exoskeleton Parts, which are required to upgrade existing modules you have. You can also attain these Parts by disassembling modules you don’t want or need. You can do your upgrades in the Equipment Upgrades menu, where you can also see how many Parts you’ll need to upgrade your desired module.