Expedition to Usuni Valley

We invite you to join us as we visit a new Region, Usuni Valley!

Immortals who reach 187,000 Prestige are able to visit this wondrous location for themselves!

Usuni Valley, cut off from the world by the surrounding mountains, is not as serene as it once was. Invaders have ravaged the area, destroying towns and villages causing the sky itself to become thickened with a whitish smoke. Residents have had no choice but to abandon their homes, fleeing to nearby regions for safety.

Skyforge Usuni Valley

The poor citizens of Usuni Valley look up towards their Immortal protectors to use their magnificent power and put an end to their misery. The region itself has been overrun with hordes of Virds, Reapers, Demons, and various Elemental Guardians. Various items of equipment, continued Atlas development and more await those who seek to take back Usuni Valley from its new inhabitants.

Put an end to the chaos that has overtaken this land so that it may once again become immersed in its tranquil autumn slumber!