History of Aelion: Eskenian Peninsula

Historians say it happened during the time in which the almighty Aeli’s feet were still firmly planted in the defense of Aelion. Nestled within ancient caves found along the coast of the Eskenian Peninsula, portals of unknown origin released hordes of Demons into our world. The peninsula was immediately flooded with an army of these vile beasts, fueled by nothing but their lust for destruction and bloodshed.

Like waves which fruitlessly crash against mighty cliffs, Aeli the magnificent god of Aelion easily vanquished the invaders and sealed the portals that birthed them. Afterwards, Aeli ordered the construction of a Temple complex meant to protect Aelion from repeated demonic invasions and prevent the portals from reopening. However, Aeli knew that the doorway between their two worlds would not stay closed forever.

For centuries, the temple succeeded in its mission, empowered by the unwavering Faith of Aeli’s loyal followers. Years passed and with Aeli’s sudden disappearance, the citizens of Aelion found themselves forgetting why the temple was erected in the first place. The descendants of those entrusted by Aeli to maintain the complex and its surrounding lands began to recall conflicting stories regarding what had originally transpired there.

With each passing decade, fewer and fewer choose to believe in their duty, which in turn weakened the magic that kept the portals sealed. These seals would be further weakened some 500 years ago, when a Phytontide invasion assaulted the mostly forgotten facility. While the invasion was ultimately unsuccessful, the attack did managed to damage the seals that kept this land safe, edging Aelion and its inhabitants closer to catastrophe.

Broken sceal

Then, in what can only be described as a miraculous turn of events: Aelion’s residents began to return to the temple once more. Unaware of the temple’s true purpose and merely wishing to honor the legacy of the great god Aeli and pay homage to his accomplishments, these Pilgrims founded a settlement along the shore of the Diomane Ocean. It was here that the old traditions of Aeli's time were gradually revived, including the ancient rituals and prayers of their ancestors. These customs were noticed by researchers, who took interest in the proceedings, organized archaeological expeditions to the temple’s ruins and subsequently, worked to restore the knowledge which had long been forgotten, piece by piece.

As time went on adventurous tourists found the picturesque coastline and ancient ruins to be the perfect place for a beautiful vacation destination. Even so, the citizens of this new colony remained blissfully unaware of the temple’s weakening seals, and the impending threat of what lay behind them.

Lost temple

One day, like a dormant volcano, the inevitable finally arrived as the ancient seals that held the demons at bay finally gave way, delivering the monsters back into our realm. Swarms of creatures poured into the temple through the breach, causing the local inhabitants to call out for the assistance of Aelion’s Immortals in cleansing the threat and restoring peace.

In a twist of bad luck, the resulting disturbance caused local Phytonide plantations from previous wars to awake from their stasis and provoking these carnivorous plants into attacking anyone attempting to flee the Demonic hordes. Those who’ve managed to survive have taken refuge in the labyrinths of the ancient galleries and halls while they await rescue. It will be up to the Immortals of Aelion to fend off the Eskenian Peninsula from the flood of Demons and Phytonides, as without their help, this beautiful region is sure to turn into a decrepit wasteland of darkness.