Goats & Gadgets: Special Mount Sale

Immortals – do you need to get from A to B in an ass-kicking hurry? After all, those alien invaders won’t defeat themselves... So, we’ve devised a special treat for defenders of Aelion who want to add that special something to their planet saving shenanigans. From hi-tech hoverboards and mobile gliders to… Battle goats? Well, why not? Nothing says “I’m here to kick-aliens and chew space-gum” like dashing into battle on a cud chewing Argali mount.


If that sounds right up your Immortal alley, you’ll be pleased to know that a special mount sale will begin on the 5th of July (ending on the 12th), shredding the price of three very special mounts down by up to 50%!

Name Price Discount
Bronze Argali 9,000 -50%
Gliss Hoverboard 12,600 -30%
Beam Glider 13,500 -25%

Don’t delay – Argali goats are easily distracted, often shambling off in search of aliens to headbutt or grass to chew, and those hi-tech mounts can get just a little bit rusty if left too long without a caring owner, so be sure to add them to your collection while you can.


Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!