Gorgonide Invasion – Week 5

The fifth week of the Gorgonide invasion is underway. New difficulties are available for some group adventures and now your characters can receive current generation Emeralds and Topaz, along with new weapons and rare quality artifacts.


The third Gorgonide distortion will be available to players this week, on Thursday, July 20. We will announce the start date of the fourth distortion in another article on the website. Use the breather to better prepare for battle. Increase our Combat Superiority and receive better equipment from adventures and distortions.

If you have not yet fought the champion and training versions of the Bedazzling Akonita Avatar — now is the time. As a reward for defeating the training version you could earn a unique companion, while fighting the champion version will give you the opportunity to unlock a new divine specialization and obtain a special divine weapon.

Immortals have access to all possible invasion adventures. Please note that on the Gorgonide flagship you have a good chance of finding an eighth generation epic weapon.

New series of Operations

A new series of operations is available! Protect Aelion from the alien threat. Earn more operation tokens than the rest and get an extra reward. Operations allow players to earn more resources for completing regular missions.

Good luck!