Reapers of Death Invasion: Additional Week

Thanatos decided to extend his invasion on Aelion, looking to spread his influence over us. He was already defeated by our Immortals, and with this extra week of Invasions, it will allow the Immortals to engage Thanatos and his followers a few more times.

Previous reports had shown that the Invasion of the Reapers of Death would end at January 25th, but it will be extended until February 1st. Our defenses and researching will be ready to support our Immortals and push the Invasion away from Aelion!


A new invasion approaches: Phytonides
But there’s no rest for our Immortals! Aelion Defenses detected a new invasion, and it caught us off guard! All Immortals need to be ready and stand up to fight them once again!
Machavann is approaching bringing with him the Phytonide Army! Our analysis has shown that this invasion will start on February 1st.