Griffin Promotion & Supreme Authority Costume Sale!

For centuries, brave warriors saddled Griffins and took part in an annual tournament for the Heart of the Griffin title. Today, it is a battle of adepts, who travel to the stadium to fight in the name of their gods and glorify them with their victories.

Starting today, from September 7th at 1am PDT to September 21st 1am PDT, the Heart of the Griffin promotion comes to Aelion – Immortals can send their adepts to compete in the skies for honor!


Any immortal that has reached 1,000 Prestige can take part in this promotion. To get started you will need Tournament Applications which can be obtained from bosses in PvE Adventures, sets of equipment from PvP battles, or receive them as random rewards from participation in the promotion. Alternatively, you can use Credits or Argents to start missions. You can participate via the special interface (9 key).

For their adepts’ effort in the skies and their attempts to earn the Heart of the Griffin, immortals will be provided magnificent rewards – the White-Winged Griffin mount and Tournament Armor costume! But that’s not all you can receive:

• Special Holy Texts
• Research Grants
• Victor’s Medals
• Stimulants
• And more!

If your adepts happen to do particularly well, they have the possibility of receiving the following rewards:

• 1,000,000 Credits
• 12,000 Argents and 100 Tournament Applications
• 500 Progress Points on the Guaranteed Reward scale

Alongside the Heart of the Griffin promotion, we’ve added new equipment boosters onto the market! These new boosters increase the efficiency of the existing boosters, similarly to the existing ones. Players can find them in the Invasion tab of the market!
For additional information, feel free to check out or Heart of the Griffin guide!
This promotion ends on September 21st – Good luck!

Supreme Authority Costume Sale

The increase in the number of illegal street races in Aelion last month have caused a significant surge in police activity. They’re quickly shutting down any attempted races before they begin, leaving only one real question left – Which side are you on?
From September 7th to September 14th, we’re allowing you to make your allegiance known with our Supreme Authority Costume Sale! Maybe you’ve decided to join the officer’s ranks and now wear their uniform, you had an unfortunate run-in and are on your way to a cell, or you’re simply continuing to ride free. Let the choice be yours!

All items will be available via in the in-game Market at a discount of their normal equivalent price.

Item Discount Price (Argents) Discount
Prisoner Robe 3000 25%
Police Costume 3000 25%
Guard’s Glasses 1500 25%
Guard Helmet 1500 25%
Guard Cap 1500 25%
Guard Hat 1500 25%
Biker Costume Collection 2250 10%


Remember, The sale will end on September 14th 1am PDT – Act fast or be left in the dust