Promo - The Emerald Stream

An Aelitube video sensation and the topic of nearly all gossip in the past, many citizens and Immortals may recall what has since been named the Emerald Stream.

After witnessing a beautiful sky-shower several years ago, the planet was later hit by countless egg-shaped emerald-like rocks. The spectacle in the sky was mesmerizing in itself, yet the opportunity to reach out and touch these supposedly harmless objects from the unknown depths of space, like collecting shells from a beach, had everyone talking or recording footage of their findings.

Due to landing all over the planet, several citizens gathered these precious looking stones – attracted to their appearance, or possibly the thought of potential profit – causing them to find their way into most households throughout Aelion as ornaments or trophies.


Now, back in the present, Aelion is fixated on the latest discoveries on Thea, our own moon, as well as an emergency broadcast about a brand new Phytonide species variety, removing almost all attention from the collected stones of the past – the perfect time for a thief to methodically ‘collect’ them from careless or distracted owners. For what purpose? We have yet to find out.

From the 29th of March to the 12th of April, 1:00am PDT, we’ll need you to delve into this mystery.
Are they connected? What is this new Phytonide outbreak? Are they related to the Emerald Stream and the precious stones? Delve into the matter and you could walk away with precious rewards, such as credits and premium, or even your very own exclusive Young Trewang Mount!

Once you've obtained all Relics, the item will reward you with 6,000 Victor's Medals instead. Not enough Medals to get all Relics? No worries! They remain in the in-game market once the Emerald Stream promo has ended.

In addition, the promotion interface received a new coat of paint, making it more convenient and clearer. We hope you like it!


Need more information? Then check out our Emerald Stream Page for all the details.