High-Value Transportation Sale!

Many different mounts have come and gone over the past few months, seemingly never to be seen again. Well today, we’re happy to announce that not only will we be putting many of these mounts temporarily onto the Market, we’ll be doing it at up to a 50% discount of its normal price!

The mounts are available for purchase through the in-game Marketplace with either Argents or Credits and will be only be around from May 25th (3am PDT) to June 8th (3am PDT)! Everyone needs to spice up their ride sometimes, how will you?

Skyforge Mounts

The list of prices & discounts (In Argents) for each of the mounts can be found below.

Mount Normal Price New Price Discount
Moah Wanderer 18,000 12,600 30%
Gliss Hoverboard 18,000 12,600 30%
Nymphea Flower 18,000 12,600 30%
Fury Super Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Amethyst Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Patrol Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Patriot Gravicycle 18,000 9,000 50%