History of Aelion: Aristel’s Farm

The journey across Aelion’s many wondrous regions continues as we arrive to a peaceful farmland situated within the Dawn Plateau near Darnic Village - Aristel’s Farm. Surrounded by fertile fields, filled with an abundance of crops as far as the eye can see, it’s no wonder their product is so well revered!


Aristel’s Farm is a small privately owned enterprise which grows crops that are mainly sent to Aelinar. Officially, this farm is assigned to the same provincial capital as Darnic Village, although it remains far from the region’s primary farming areas.

Aristel himself is a prosperous farmer, whose family has been cultivating these lands for a few decades, beginning with his grandfather. Since then, every family member contributes to the well-being of the farm as well as the region as a whole. Rich harvests and hard labor has allowed the farmers to expand their household significantly. Nowadays, the majority of the grain from the local fields is supplied to Aelion’s capital as one of the highest quality organic products available. In fact, grain cultivated by the farm has been honored with numerous rewards at agricultural exhibitions across Aelion. It has even been regarded as the perfect grain, resulting in it becoming extremely valuable.


A few years ago a large agricultural complex approached Aristel about selling his farm, which he firmly refused. While no public record of this offer exists, rumors have it that the price was far beyond what could be made within a few more decades. Even so, Aristel’s less successful neighbors supported his decision, preferring their farms still remain private households not under the control of large companies.

Business has been going as usual lately. Aristel built another grain storage house as his current one is far too small for their current volumes. He even updated his garage, equipment, and hired a few more farmhands for the harvest season! Things are looking up for Aristel, if it wasn’t for the menacing threat looming over the horizon.


The Dawn Plateau has been a hotbed of activity for the Reapers of Death. These foul invaders send their Vird and Carrion to assault citizens and ransack their homes. Aristel’s neighboring village has been severely devastated with no reported survivors. Make haste, Immortals, as Aristel’s Farm can still be saved! A large number of hostile troops are currently surrounding the farm, preparing to begin their assault.

We need to act firmly and quickly to protect the few who still remain!