History of Aelion – Avesten Tower

Our continued journey across Aelion brings us to the coast of Eastern Inkara, near Danic Village and Asteriel’s Farm. It is here that we find the famous Avesten Tower, an old independently functioning aircraft beacon. Avesten Tower was built in the old days of Aeli, when air communication between the cities of Aelion were only just commencing and the first aircrafts clumsily ascended into the sky.



The tower has never required keepers or servicemen to maintain its inner workings as Aeli’s creations were durable, safe, and reliable. For as long as many can remember, the beacon stood alone along the shore, emitting a beam of light into the sky around the clock. This remained true until several hundred years ago when some choose to settle at the tower, forming a village at its foot.
This village was given the name Avesten, and went ahead with farming and husbandry, as was the fashion at the time. The settlement grew as more and more mortals choose to begin farming due to the belief that it was the clear future of Aelion.


To this day, the beacon of Avesten Tower remains functional. Its shining blue ray, which pierces through the darkest nights and thickest fogs, is effortlessly visible at great distances – thousands, even hundreds of thousands of yards, in fine weather. However, the brightest lights often attract the biggest pests.
The increased rate of attacks from alien invasions has caused anxiety among the locals, even resulting in several people from Avesten signing up to comb the area for hostile creatures. This proved to be in vain, unfortunately, as Mantide troops managed to successfully deal an absolutely unexpected blow in complete disregard to the constant watch.


Mantides arrived from the beacon and hammered the village with such strength that the resistance was smothered before they could properly grasp the situation at hand. Many settlers were killed or enslaved by the intruders, while some were lucky enough to escape and stop the Mantides chase by locking the village gates.
The sad news arrived to Aelinar too late - now Immortal volunteers are being called upon to take back the village and rescue any survivors that remain.