History of Aelion – Facility 902

Facility 902 is situated in the Aelite ruins that are hovering in the air several hundreds of miles north of Giabar Island. Despite its relative proximity to Eastern Inkara and even Aelinar, this area is rarely visited and is situated away from the airways.



Not much is known about the closed Facility 902. This strategic scientific research complex was built two centuries ago. Reliable information on what kind of research was carried out at the secret facility is not openly available. We only know that several decades ago, Facility 902 was mothballed on orders from Flavius. Work was stopped, expensive equipment was taken out and the complex itself was partially dismantled.


This gave rise to many rumors and speculation about the reasons for mothballing the facility, as well as about the work carried out there. On Aelinet you can find lots of clips showing grassy and bushy metal constructions. The greatest disputes arise over a couple of plasma cannons, located deep in the complex. Their presence indicates that either they were researching something very dangerous or it was so important that the scientists would rather destroy the item than allow it to fall into enemy hands.


We have learned about the Mechanoid activity in the area of Facility 902. Whatever they are looking for there, the Mechanoids must be stopped. Flavius himself set the task of cleaning up Facility 902.