History of Aelion: Cronnel Platforms

Today we’ll be visiting the Cronnel Platforms, a series of aerial platforms covered in ruins left over from the mysterious and legendary civilization of Aelites. These extraordinary “islands” are located to the north of Isola, from which they may have once broken away.


Cronnel is one of the many complexes that rose into the sky after the unexplained cataclysm that shook Aelion. Its palaces once belonged to the Aelites race, but nothing further is currently known regarding their purpose.

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The Wardens of Elements are powerful incarnations of the natural forces of Aelion, but if a mere mortal attempted to face them it would lead to certain death. Wardens, considered mages of antiquity, are reborn as pure elements due to a past tragedy that befell the entire planet and cannot stand any mortals, who they themselves once were. Among these Wardens is the great Warden of Fire Ignis, once a powerful mage: stories of his deeds fill the pages of almost every historical treatise about the period. When he was reborn, he somehow retained a huge part of his power and abilities. This Warden was more aggressive and mighty than the rest, which must have troubled the God Aeli.

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Deciding that something with such uncontrollable might must not be allowed to roam freely across Aelion, Aeli created a prison on the Cronnel Platforms for this creation of fire. Upon completion of the prison which was based on two opposing elements, Aeli placed altars with the Wardens of Water inside, which held Ignis captive for centuries.

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Recently, an unusually high activity of the Wardens of Fire has been observed in the area. Arriving at the Cronnel Platforms, scouts had to make a quick getaway - Something irreparable had occurred. The great Warden of Fire Ignis had partially freed himself from the shackles that had held him for centuries and was summoning other Wardens of Fire from all over Aelion. It is impossible to restore the prison as only Aeli knew the principles of its construction. The fury that has grown within Ignis all this time could be unleashed on the innocent people of Aelion unless the Immortals step in to stop this ancient and powerful force.