History of Aelion: Kyros Caves

This time we travel to the Kyros Caves, a deep naturally-formed cave within the territory of the Eskenian Peninsula, not far from the Diomane Ocean coast. Reaching this location by foot can take several hours from the nearest locality.



Kyros is yet another network of boring innumerable volitional caves. They were once flooded with subterranean waters and when the water sank, the caves became shelter for various kinds of animals. The network used to attract speleologists, but since nothing useful was ever discovered (including deposits of mineable ore), they completely lost interest and all work was wrapped up.

Common residents never really took an interest Kyros. Only a small number of brave speleologists and tourists dared to descend into the cave’s depths, but there are fewer and fewer of them every year. Anyone that would choose to explore the cave can easily find more interesting objects or locations to adventure within. Besides, wild animal colonies have significantly grown within the caves and present a noticeable danger now.


Current Situation

Local inhabitants have been suffering from an increased activity by predators in the region. When animals began attacking people, it was clear that there was something behind their aggression. Something or someone was constantly driving them out of the caves, forcing them to find another habitat. When an emergency signal came in, the authorities of the nearest village began to panic. It looked like a group of ignorant tourists managed to get into these deadly caves.


They called for Immortals immediately, hoping that there would still be time to get the visitors out of trouble. No matter what the circumstances are, the Kyros Caves need to be studied carefully to understand what disrupted the natural order of things.

Immortals! Help these lost civilians and discover the origin of the fauna’s strange behavior!