History of Aelion: Thais Temple

In this series we delve deep into Chronicles of Aelion and explore the diverse world that surrounds us – today, we are excited to introduce you to Thais Temple, the main sanctuary of the Goddess of Love! Thais Temple is often referred to as one of the most beautiful gathering points for Orders on Naori Island, with some even going so far as to say it’s the best in all of Aelion!

The decor of the temple is so magnificent that even other gods are envious of Thais and her temple, but she’s quick to point out it’s only logical that Love and Beauty would go hand in hand.

Skyforge Aelion Thais Temple 1

Thais Temple was built on Naori Island several hundred years ago - Crowned by a gigantic statue of Thais, majestically towering over the area and extending her embrace to all comers. The island itself has been transformed into a resort and entertainment district, bringing in large numbers of tourists on a regular basis.

Skyforge Aelion Thais Temple 2


Thais has remained the patroness of Naori since the island’s discovery many years ago. Following the arrival of Thais and her loyal order to this new land, her temple became the first construction project on the island and was completed in record time. Thais now resides permanently on Naori Island as she claims the climate on Naori Island has the ideal qualities both her and her followers need. Even her priestesses’ often mention they sense a unique atmosphere hovering over their fabulous tropical island and its heart – the temple of Love. With the amount of pilgrims and couples flocking to the island in hopes of receiving a blessing from Thais, the area surrounding the temple quickly blossomed into a bustling settlement welcoming every newcomer with the prospects of food and shelter.

Skyforge Aelion Thais Temple 3

When the Oceanides assaulted Naori Island’s coastline, several groups of Khelp broke away from the main force and headed straight for Thais Temple. Unfortunately, the temple was quickly seized with little resistance since it hosted nothing more but peaceful priestesses and pilgrims seeking enlightenment. All who took refuge deep within the temple and nearby buildings were quickly killed by the relentless aquatic invaders.

Skyforge Aelion Thais Temple 4

As a peace-loving goddess, Thais was physically incapable of resorting to violence or even holding a weapon in her tender hands. Even still, she managed to successfully evade capture and evacuate herself and a few of her priestesses. Afraid, they now stand outside their desecrated home awaiting Aelion’s immortal heroes to intervene on their behalf and save their place of refuge from the horrible sea creatures that reside within.

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