Ignition: New Aspect

We are adding another divine specialization in the new Ignition update. The elder gods of Aelion have been studying this path of development for months. And their efforts are finally rewarded - we present to you a new aspect!


This magnificent visage commands respect and instills fear of imminent retribution in enemies of Aelion.

Unlocking the Aspect

Every Elder God that's defeated an Invasion Avatar and earned a trophy is able to unlock this new power. After that, you can experience it in all its glory!

Aspect Abilities

After unlocking higher divinity, the character will see five ether spheres around them which they can use to activate their abilities. The new aspect is focused on fighting enemies from a distance. The god can use various crowd control abilities and skills that deal damage to multiple targets.

Use accumulated energy and ether spheres to boost the effects of the aspect abilities: more damage, longer stuns and other negative effects. We will share more about that in upcoming articles.


Aspect Development

As before, you need Cognition to develop the aspect. You can get it as a reward for feats, directives, and special tasks in invaded regions. Bonuses for unlocking the aspect nodes include a few pleasant perks that will be useful to classes with energy attacks. Additionally, the gold node of the aspect unlocks an extra slot for divine abilities used by the immortal!

That’s all. We will talk more about the aspect in the future!