Ignition Update: Set Aelion Ablaze with the New Firestarter Class

Discover the fiery legend of a warmongering Elder God, his flame-worshipping cult, and an event that changed Aelion forever. We’re happy to finally reveal Ignition, the next free Skyforge content update due for release in September 2019. Inspired by exciting and untold tales from Aelion’s history, this update introduces a host of new content to explore, and a brand-new playable fire class: the Firestarter!

The Firestarter is Skyforge’s eighteenth class, and the first ever fire-based class to be introduced to the game! Boasting a dark trickster aesthetic with hellish elements and harlequin flair thrown in for good measure, the Firestarter is a theatrical fighter that wields twin torches, and can deal damage at range with powerful fire attacks. Fireballs, meteoric storms, and feisty transformations are all possible with this fast and agile new class.

Where exactly did the Firestarters come from? In the Ignition reveal trailer, we’re introduced to the descendants of the Cult of Flame, the followers and personal army of the warlord and Elder God Kir. They’ve passed their story down over the years, with their own version of history even finding its way into Asterius’ hands recently. Their adoration of Kir blinded them to the reality of his iron-fisted rule, however, and the devastation and terror wrought upon Aelion and its populace by his terrible fire powers.

Since his defeat, Kir has been rotting in exile for centuries, waiting for the first Immortal to be born of the Cult of Flame in order to plan his escape from his eternal prison. Piros, the hero of our trailer, is tragically killed in combat with the Gorgonides after an attack on his troupe. However, Piros is revealed to be one of the Immortals, and his post-death experience leads him to an ominous encounter on the astral plane with a disembodied Kir. The Fire God merges his essence with that of his Immortal follower, giving new life and powers previously unknown to Piros, and a means of freedom to Kir. His plot has reawakened the ancient practice of fire magic, long-forgotten by the peoples of Aelion, and created the very first Firestarter in the process.

Ready to play with fire? There’s even more amazing content packed into the free Ignition update, which will be launching in September 2019 for Skyforge on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more details, Immortals!