The Infiltration Sale - 40% OFF!

Imagine that your squad is successfully navigating the corridors of an abandoned factory overrun by bandits and other unruly individuals. Your gigantic armor, albeit as intimidating as it is effective, is significantly slowing you down. Voices are heard, the commander signals everyone to hide in a nearby alcove in preparation of an ambush but there’s one problem – You can’t fit! As the enemy turns the corner, they see you half wedged into the wall flailing around, and resulting in the majority of your squads capture.

Fear these and other embarrassing situations no longer as we introduce the Nova/Hybrid Cyber Costume! This slick piece of technological advancement offers a full range of movement while still providing complete protection from most damage often sustained out in the field. Save yourself from situations such as these and purchase your new armor today!

Starting today October 2nd, until October 8th, enjoy a full 40% discount on the latest in combat attire known as the Nova/Hybrid Cyber Costume!

Skyforge Hybrid Costume

Skyforge Nova Costume

The Nova/Hybrid Cyber costume can be purchased from the in-game market via the “Costumes” category using either Argents or Credits.

Price Argents with the 40% reduction Price Credits with the 40% reduction
5 610 each costume (Full price: 9 350) 942 480 each costume (Full price: 1 570 800)
  • Once the purchase of your Nova/Hybrid Cyber Costume is completed, you will immediately receive it in your Inventory.
  • Double-click on the costumes Icon within your Inventory to unlock it in your Style Room.
  • To equip your new gear, click on its icon within your Style Room and press Save
  • Ready for battle!

Make sure that you’re adequately prepared for the battles that lay ahead and pick up your new battle gear today!